Weld Preparation: Using Automatic Weld Preparation

Software version: 20.1 - 20.0

Last updated November 1, 2019 by Tekla tutorials tekla.software.videos@trimble.com

Weld Preparation: Using Automatic Weld Preparation

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This video shows how Tekla Structures can automatically prepare parts for welding.

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by suresh kumar

it s not work.... however i have installed tekla 20 SR4. kindly give solution

by Hong

It's working well. Check your Tekla configuration. Maybe Full or Steel_Detailing will be working.
Or check your "View Properties" of model. Click "Display" and change a representation of welds as "Exact" and also click both checkbox.

by suresh kumar

Thanks for your replay. Still i am not get automatic weld preparation by using weld icon on modelling view.Now i am using tekla 20.1, Configuration is steel detailing and Role is steel detailer. Only fillet weld shows triangle shape of weld.

by Harald Müller

Video ! Where is the video ?

by Tekla eLearning

Hello Harald! This is a Flash video. You need to have Adobe Flash Player plugin on your web browser to watch the video.