Point clouds from 3D scanning

Software version: 2019i - 2020

Last updated January 20, 2020 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

Point clouds from 3D scanning

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You can now insert point clouds into Tekla Structures 2018.  In construction, the point clouds are mainly used in renovation projects to define the building or structure that is to be renovated. They can also be used to get the exact position of existing machinery, pipework or landscape that needs to be taken into consideration on the site. You can also use them for checking execution by importing them as build points into a model to be compared to the design.

Compatible file formats:
ASCII ( .asc , .xyz )
E57 ( .e57 )
LAS ( .las )
LAZ ( .laz )
PTS ( .pts )
PTX ( .ptx )
Potree ( .js )
Trimble scan format ( .tzf )

Picking/Snapping to Points
Clip planes
Base points
Color from point clouds

Project Detailed by Axis Steel Detailing, Inc.

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by Paulius Vasiliauskas

How to align point cloud after it has been inserted?

by Nevin Fernandes

Can I add my Tekla files (.dgn, .ifc) to point cloud manager to check if my Tekla model is correctly modeled as per existing.

by Tekla User Assistance

Hi Nevin,

Thank you for your comment.

It seems that your question is not directly related to the video. I suggest that you contact your local support for more information: https://support.tekla.com/contact-us

Best regards,
Elina from Tekla User Assistance