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Enhanced spiral beams

Software version: 2018

Last updated July 25, 2018 by Trimble Solutions UK tekla.support.uk@trimble.com

Enhanced spiral beams

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In Tekla Structures 2018 modelling spiral beams is now easier and more accurate, and you can export them to IFCfile format commonly used in BIM that facilitates software interoperability

IFC is an open specification developed by the IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability).

Model can be exported into an IFC file.

. You can quickly model and detail stringers and steps with the Spiral Staircase plugin, using spiral beams and bent plates.

In this video we introduce the newest update to the Spiral Staircase features in Tekla Structures. This new featurepart of Tekla Structures functionality that is maintained and owned by Trimble Solutions and that is included in the Tekla Structures installation

supports the new spiral beambeam that follows the form of a helix and is defined by a start point, center point and the rotation axis

Spiral beams can be concrete spiral beams or steel spiral beams. They can be used to create spiral staircases, complex architectural structures, and concrete parking ramps, for example.

Spiral beam can rise from the work plane or be flat. If the spiral beam rises, the total rise is defined between the start and the end point.

command for stringers. Direct Modificationfunction that activates the mode where the model objects can be modified by using handles

Direct modification enables additional handles and modification options.

is also enabled to modify the stair directly within the model. Finally, Custom Componentcomponent that the user creates and uses for creating model objects whose composition the user can modify as a group

treads are now supported with this new feature.

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