Create and edit drawing layouts

Software version: 2020 - 2021

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Create and edit drawing layouts

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Learn how to create new drawing layouts and edit existing ones. A drawing layout defines which tables to include in a drawing and where the tables are located. Each drawing layout has its own table sets and applicable drawing sizes.

We cover the following:

00:22 Start editing
00:32 Add drawing sizes
00:51 Use Autosize
01:03 Set drawing frames and margins
01:11 Use primary and secondary frame
01:27 Enable fold marks
01:37 Add tables
01:52 Move tables
02:32 Rotate and scale tables
02:55 Remove tables
03:03 Define minimum margins and spaces
03:22 Set drawing layout type
03:30 Save drawing layout
03:47 Adjust drawing layout for different drawing sizes

drawing layouts
creating drawing layouts

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