Custom components - More with variables and formulas

Software version: 2019i - 2020

Last updated January 20, 2020 by Tekla User Assistance

Custom components - More with variables and formulas

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In this video we look at some other functions with variable types, and how some variables work together to control special object properties. We also show a simple example of an if/then statement to control changes in output.

custom components

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by nick de Mello

How could you set that up so the shear plate can go either side of the beam?
The reason I ask is that I keep having to make left and right handed custom components for...... Purlin cleats and Eaves Beam cleats.

by Hanna from User Assistance team

Thank you for your comment. It seems that the question is not directly about user documentation, so it would be best to contact your local support instead.