Create construction polycurves

Software version: 2020 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Tekla User Assistance

Create construction polycurves

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Learn how to create construction polycurves in your Tekla Structures model. Construction polycurves are transparent modeling aids that are not shown or printed in drawings. Polycurves pass through the points you pick and they can have both straight and curved segments. You can place them in the model to help position and align objects along the curve.

We cover the following:

00:24 Start command 
00:33 Create straight segments 
00:57 Create curved segments 
01:08 Create curved tangential segments 
01:38 Create segment that is tangential to previous segment 
02:05 Modify polycurve 
02:29 Remove handles 
02:36 Modify dimensions 
02:48 Modify polycurve properties

construction objects
construction polycurves

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