Create and edit anchor bolt plans

Software version: 2019i - 2020

Last updated January 20, 2020 by Tekla User Assistance

Create and edit anchor bolt plans

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Learn to create and edit anchor bolt plans. An anchor bolt plan is a specific type of a general arrangement drawing, which displays the anchor bolt layout. In this video we will:

  • Create an anchor bolt plan
  • Insert a bolt detail in the drawing view
  • Add grid dimensions to the drawing view

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by Marcin Staszczyk

Can I find somewhere "anchor_bolt_plan" drawing properties?

by Jordán HERNÁDI

The video is not entirely about what its title says. What if the base plates are positioned on different elevation? What if the bottom level of some columns changes meanwhile? How to turn the special anchor bolt plan to an ordinary overview drawing or back? Is it possible to prepare a "mixed" drawing (anchor bolt plan + overview on the same drawing)? How to fix if some columns are positioned close to each other so their enlarged details on anchor bolt plane overlap? How to reduce "emphty" space between columns (detail of baseplates) to make the size of the drawing view?

by Anna from User Assistance

Thank you for your comment! We will take this feedback into account when making new videos around this topic.

Best regards,
Anna from Tekla User Assistance