Starting new bridge projects

Learn how to start a new bridge project in Tekla Structures, and how to define project properties for your model. Learn about grids and how to modify them, how to use reference models and base points, and how to add them to your model. Finally, learn how to work with views.
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  • Bridge designer basics
  • project
  • grid
  • reference model
  • base point
  • VIEW

Bridge design workflow

Learn what the acronyms BIM and BrIM mean and how the Tekla Structures workflow for bridges covers the way from road data to fabrication and erection.
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  • Bridge designer basics
  • BIM
  • BrIM
  • Constructible
  • bridge
  • workflow

User interface - bridge designer

Get to know the basic elements of the Tekla Structures user interface. Learn how to open Tekla Structures and Tekla Structures models, use the ribbon, navigate in the model, create views, and use clip planes. Additionally, learn how to hide and show parts, and how to use selection switches and snap switches.
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  • Bridge designer basics
  • user interface
  • selecting
  • snapping
  • measurement
  • screenshot
  • side pane
  • quick Launch

Tekla Structures for Steel and Miscellaneous Detailing

Tekla Structures, the most advanced building information modeling (BIM) software on the market, enables highly effective modeling and detailing of commercial, industrial, and miscellaneous steel structures as well as specialty structures such as PEMB, Offshore, and Bridges. Tekla provides a BIM-based solution to increase productivity through higher automation of detailing, fabrication, and project management along with an interface to the best MIS systems and CNC machinery available.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • steel detailing
  • miscellaneous detailing

Modeling tips and tricks

In this video, we cover some little things that may help you model faster. Want to automatically have the model rotate at a point? Wonder why your grid is red? Ever accidentally 'drop' or deselect a group of objects while panning or rotating? This video is for you.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • modeling tips
  • rotate
  • select previous objects
  • red grid lines

Creating reports

Learn how to create a bolt list, material list, and an assembly list report.
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  • Creating reports

Creating NC files in DSTV format

Learn how to create NC files in DSTV format, how to include pop-marks and contour marks in your NC files, and how to view the files.
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  • create NC files
  • DSTV files
  • pop-mark
  • contour mark

Sharing a model with Trimble Connect

Learn how to share a model for project collaboration using Trimble Connect.
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  • Trimble Connect

Printing drawings in Tekla Structures

Learn how to print drawings, and about the different printing options.
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  • printing

Creating a template in Template Editor

Learn how to create a simple graphical template in the Template Editor to use in your drawings.
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  • Template Editor
  • Templates

Cloning drawings

Learn how to clone a drawing by using the cloning templates in the Master Drawing Catalog and by using a drawing in Document manager of the current model.
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Modifying a general arrangement drawing

Learn how to modify a general arrangement drawing by: Showing hidden lines Adding and editing part marks Adding and editing a note
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  • General Arrangement drawing
  • part mark
  • hidden lines

Creating a general arrangement drawing

Learn how to create a general arrangement drawing, how to add a drawing title block in the drawing, and how to move and resize the views in the drawing.
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  • General Arrangement drawing

Freezing, locking and issuing drawings

Learn how to Freeze a drawing to prevent associative objects from updating on top of the drawing views Lock a drawing to indicate that a drawing is not available for editing Mark a drawing ready for issuing
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Showing and hiding objects

Learn how to show, hide and control the appearance of parts and other model objects.
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Applications & components catalog

Learn how to use the Applications & components catalog: search for components switch between view modes show selected components add and modify groups
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  • Applications & components

Changing the class of parts

Learn how to change the class of parts. Additionally, learn how you can use selection filters to select only certain parts of the model.
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Modeling steel rafters

Learn how to model steel rafters, and how to modify part properties and save them for future use. Additionally, get to know how to specify the coordinates to a certain position in the model.
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  • rafters

Modeling steel columns

Learn how to model steel columns, and how to modify the properties of the columns.
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Creating model views

Learn how to create plan views, basic model views, and views along grid lines. Additionally, learn how you can create views by defining two points.
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  • model views