Filters for Concrete 1 - Using filters and object representation settings in the model

Check out this video to learn how to create and use filters in the model. Work smarter in the model, reduce editing time in drawings, and manage your information more effectively by using out-of-the-box filters or creating your own custom filters.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • filtering
  • filters
  • object representation

Working with multi-level assemblies

In this video, we review multi-level assemblies in Tekla Structures: A look at different ways multi-level assemblies can be created Selection tools to work with multiple hierarchy levels Sample of drawing properties included with the US Imperial environment The video has spoken narration in English.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • assembly
  • assembly hierarchy
  • multi-level assemblies
  • nested assemblies

Surface treatment - hints and tips

This video shows some tips and tricks to apply surface treatment to all faces, a single face, or a selected area of a part within a Tekla Structures model. This video will also show you how to quickly mark no-paint around contact points or bolt groups and to see how  these tools affect your shop drawings.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • surface treatment
  • adding surface treatment
  • no paint area

Modeling improvements: Easier editing of model object dimensions

You can now modify the dimensions of model objects within Tekla Structures even more quickly. Click a dimension, type a new value, and then press Enter. The dimension changes immediately. The yellow arrow defines the direction in which the object is extended or shortened. You can change the direction by clicking the arrows.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • new feature

Rebar sets in curved structures

In this video, we create rebar sets for curved concrete structures. First, we will create crossing bars that follow the bottom and side faces of the beam. After that, we will create longitudinal bars at the bottom face of the beam. These features are available starting from Tekla Structures 2017i.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • curved rebar
  • rebar sets
  • longitudinal bars
  • crossing bars
  • splitters

Floor Layout tool

Use the Floor Layout tool to create floors built of precast filigree and hollow core slabs.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • floor layout
  • concrete slabs
  • hollow core

New model object type: Spiral beams

You can create spiral beams using Tekla Structures. Spiral beams can be used to model spiral staircases, parking ramps, and complex architectural shapes, for example. Spiral beams can be shown in drawings either folded or unfolded. This feature is available starting from Tekla Structures 2017i.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • new feature

New feature: Layout editor

Check out the new Layout Editor that allows you to visually edit the layout directly on a drawing. This feature is available starting from Tekla Structures 2017 SP 3.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • new feature

Modeling reinforcement in elliptical parts

This video shows how to model reinforcing bars for elliptical/curved parts.
by Trimble Solutions India
  • rebar
  • elliptical
  • curved rebar
  • ellipse
  • reinforcement

New feature: Detailing Manager

This video shows four examples of using Detailing Manager. Detailing Manager can be used to apply detailing components into any structure. With the help of Detailing Manager you can apply multiple detailing components with “one click" to the structure of the entire model. You can automate repetitive detailing tasks by defining the detailing rules using selection filters. This feature is available starting from Tekla Structures 2017.
by Tekla eLearning
  • new feature

2D Library

The 2D Library is a powerful tool for presenting typical details and instructions. It's quick and easy to build up your own company library of 2D details and you can create details out of many kinds of drawing objects, such as parts, texts, notes, shapes, or DWG files. You can insert details in drawing views and drawings in any model.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • 2D Library
  • 2D details

Base points

Base points allow you to use another coordinate system needed for interoperability and collaboration by defining base points for IFC exports and reference model imports. This feature is available starting from Tekla Structures 2016i.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • basepoints
  • base points
  • base point
  • coordinates

Snapshot overlay

Check this short overview of the Snapshot overlay
by Tekla User Assistance
  • snapshot overlay
  • snapshots
  • drawing snapshots

Add classification code to objects in Organizer and export it to IFC

This video shows how to add a classification code to objects with Organizer Categories, and how to export the code with the objects to an IFC file.Written description of the process is here.
by Tekla Global Support
  • classification
  • Organizer
  • categories
  • Object Browser
  • IFC
  • export
  • Property categories
  • Add UDA to object

Create a detail view in a drawing

This video shows how to create a detail view in a drawing.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • detail views
  • create detail view
  • Detail view

Efficient tools for precast wall modeling

An exceptional tool developed for creation and modification of all types of concrete walls like precast panels from single layer to double-walls and sandwich-walls.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • Wall layout tools
  • concrete walls
  • precast panels

Double wall edge and opening reinforcement

This concrete reinforcement tool specifically made to support double wall detailing workflow with functionality for placing vertical, horizontal or diagonal reinforcement around the edges and openings as well as narrow sections of panels.
by Tekla User Assistance
  • Double wall edge and opening reinforcement
  • double wall detailing
  • concrete reinforcement
  • edge reinforcement
  • opening reinforcement

New feature: Ribbon Customizer

The ribbon customizer is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor and allows you to Create, rename, or delete ribbon tabs Add, move, or remove ribbon commands Modify the appearance of buttons, the size, icons, and text This feature is available starting from Tekla Structures 2016i.
by Tekla tutorials
  • new feature

Sketching tools

This video shows some examples on how you can use sketching tools in drawings.
by Tekla tutorials
  • sketching tools
  • drawing shapes
  • sketch objects
  • graphical objects

Add pattern lines

This video shows how to add pattern line elements and pattern lines in drawings. You can easily apply special and complex lines to drawings by using the pattern lines.
by Tekla tutorials
  • pattern lines
  • rich lines
  • complex lines
  • complex linetypes