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Last updated October 17, 2017 by Tekla User Assistance


When you open a model created with Tekla Structures 2016i, or earlier, in Tekla Structures 2017 or newer, continue working until autosave is created, and then close the model without saving, the next time you try to open the model in the newer Tekla Structures (2017->) version and take the autosave in use, the model opening fails.

The error is caused by opening the static ID model that has runtime id autosave. To open the model correctly, check whether TeklaStructures.log contains the "Table read operation failed with error code -125" error message. If it does, set XS_FORCE_RUNTIME_IDS to TRUE in teklastructures.ini. Open the model and save it normally. When you have saved the model, remove XS_FORCE_RUNTIME_IDS from teklastructures.ini.

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