TTSD-3608, 121324

Fixed defect

Last updated April 20, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance

TTSD-3608, 121324

Previously, when Automatic update was set to No - Physical modelstructural model with a direct or indirect counterpart in the structure to be built

changes are ignored
in the Analysis Model Propertiessettings that are defined by giving values to the properties associated with an analysis model

Analysis model settings can be defined in the physical model or in the analysis model.

dialog box, and a physical partpart in a physical model

was moved, the analysis partanalysis model object that is a representation of a physical part in an analysis model

In different analysis models, a physical part is represented by different analysis parts.

was sometimes moved to a wrong location. This has now been fixed, and the analysis part is no longer moved.

Development area: 
Analysis and design

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