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There is a new template attributeattribute in a template object that Tekla Structures uses to calculate and display information from a model database

Template attributes represent object properties.

ADDED_TO_POUR_UNIT to indicate how an object was added to a pour unitentity that combines together a pour object and the other building objects that need to be in place before cast-in-place concrete can be poured

The needed building objects can be reinforcement and embeds, for example.

The possible values are:
0 - unassigned and dirty (modified after the pour unit was resolved the last time)
1 - manually assigned
2 - automatically assigned

The attribute is in the template category in filters and in the template attributes for the following object types:
(only precast, not for cast in place)
MESHreinforcement that represents a mesh of steel bars in two perpendicular directions

In Tekla Structures, the reinforcement mesh bars in one direction are called main bars and reinforcement mesh bars perpendicular to them are called crossing bars.

SINGLE_STRANDreinforcement that represents a group of wires spun together

STUDbolt element that represents a metal rod or pin that is used to transfer loads

Studs and other bolt elements are listed in the bolt catalog.

A stud can be secured with two or more nuts and have threading at both ends, or it can be welded to steel parts, for example.

A stud is part of the bolt assembly.

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