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Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools: Previously, the assembly structure was broken when a coupler was created as a custom partcomponent for creating a part that cannot be created by using any existing part command or part profile

Typically, custom parts are used to create parts that have a complex composition. For example, castellated beams and sandwich panels are often created as custom parts.

and you attached the rebar to another part after the couplers were created.
Note that if the assembly hierarchyarrangement of assemblies that describes the manufacture and erecting of the actual assembly to be built

is already broken, you need to explodeto ungroup the objects that are parts of another object or a component

In Tekla Structures, it is possible to explode components, cast units, assemblies, bent plates, parts that have attached parts, and drawing shapes and plugins.

The exploded objects cannot be reverted back to the original group.

the cast unit, or remove the extra part from the cast unit, and update the coupler once to get the couplers added to the correct cast unit.

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