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Define new Surface Object subtypes

Question:  Where does the “Add Surface To Face” command get its finish types from?  Is there another file like product_finishes.dat used to Define new surface treatment subtypes so that we can add our company's standard finishes?   Answer: The Add Surface to Face option uses Surface objects (or simply Surfaces). You can add new options to the Subtype list in the Surface properties by editing the product_finishes.dat file located in :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\usimp\system for versions before 2019, and in :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\USA\common\General\
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Timber NC-operations - Background & general modelling aspects

Construsoft developed and implemented several Timber NC-export tools in Tekla Structures.Each of these export tools is dedicated to a specific Timber NC-file format, each with their own scope and definition. The scope of some of the formats is such that Tekla can unambiguously determine the operation from the geometric information. These are categorized as basic formats. There are however also formats for which, for volumetric operations, it is not possible to unambiguously determine which operation is meant. In those cases the user needs to provide additional non-geometrical information in
by Construsoft NL
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Export 2D drawings to DWG/DXF with Imperial units

Question: How do I modify the Export drawings to DWG/DXF so that it exports with imperial units? I've exported the file just using the standard settings, and when I try to view it in AutoCAD, it starts measuring in Metric. Answer: The Export drawings to DWG/DXF does not have export unit options. All exports are true to dimension if using a 1:1 scale factor as instructed in this article, and they are converted to accurate imperial-to-metric measurements. However, AutoCAD does not automatically have an imperial set up with a default layout so you would have to change the Units there as shown
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  • TTSD-15289

Performance issues when working with complex items

Question: I am experiencing performance issues when working with complex items. Is there anything I can do? Answer: Performance of items is directly related to the complexity of the shapes the items use. The main driving factor to increase complexity is a high number of faces a shape has. Items with high complexity can affect performance in many ways: opening of models, zooming and panning, inserting, copying and moving items, snapping to item geometries, item previews, creation and opening of drawings, interaction inside the drawings, etc. In recent Tekla Structures versions there have been
by Carlos Vasquez
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FAQ Často kladené dotazy - Je možné využít makra pro systém Metsec ?

– Standardní knihovna spojů obsahuje potřebná makra pro systém Metsec – Vaznice – návrh ve čtyřech konstrukčních systémech.      BUTT – prosté nosníky pro rozpětí do 12m. systém lze použít pro vaznice i paždíky.      SLEEVED – spojité nosníky pro minimálně 2pole. Spojitost je zajištěna spojkami. Možno navrhovat pro rozpětí do 15m. Optimální rozpětí 5 – 7m. Systém´lze použít pro vaznice i paždíky.      HEB – spojité nosníky pro minimálně 5 polí. Spojitost je zajištěna spojkami. Možno navrhovat pro rozpětí do 15m. Optimální rozpětí 6 – 10m. Systém lze použít pro vaznice i paždíky.      METLAP
by Construsoft Czech

Release Info Tekla Structures 2019i

The Release Info 2019i includes the following topics: General Tekla Structures 2019i videos Tekla Structures Tekla Structures provides many new options, improvements and fixes. These are all explained in this Release Info. Besides, some videos are available in which these functionalities are explained. You can check the following videos (per segment): Tekla Structures 2019i for Steel Tekla Structures 2019i for Precast   Creates sub-folders in the ts folder Tekla Structures includes the folder ts (..:\TeklaStructures\2019.1\Environments\construsofteuropean\TS) by default in which you
by Construsoft NL
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Tekla Structures 2019i France Environment Release Notes

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. General Settings 1.1 ini Files for French environment 1.1.1 env_France.ini 1.2 Folder structure 1.3 Catalogs 1.3.1 Profile catalog1.3.2 Rebar catalog1.3.3 Mesh catalog1.3.4 Rebar Shape catalog1.3.5 Shape catalog1.3.6 Bolt catalog 1.4 Organizer 1.5 Macros 1.5.1 Modeling 1.6 Templates & Reports 1.6.1 Added1.6.2 Modified 1.7 Objects.inp 2. Modeling settings 2.1 Common roles2.2 Concrete role2.3 Steel role 3. Drawing settings 3.1 Common drawings 3.1.1 Master Drawing Catalog3.1.2 DWG/DXF Export 3.2 Drawings for concrete role 3.2.1 Master Drawing Catalog3.2.2 Layouts 4.
by Trimble Solutions France

Uninstalling from Windows Control Panel removes all environments in Tekla Structures 2019i

We have found a problem when uninstalling the following environments in the Tekla Structures 2019i version: Default France Germay Russia South Africa Switzerland UK USA Uninstalling an environment from the Windows Control Panel will remove ALL environments, including the common environmentTekla Structures environment that forms a basis for other environmentsThe common environment is included in the software installation and includes the global settings, macros, symbols, and fonts, for example. The common environment and global settings form the basis for all other environments.. If this has
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Tekla Global Support

Tekla Structures 2019i Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings 1.1 Property pane Finland environment specific UDAobject property created by the user in order to widen the range of predefined object propertiesUser-defined attributes are used when the predefined object properties are not sufficient but more properties are needed. For example, comment, locked, and erection status are user-defined attributes. tabs (and UDA's) are now added to property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane windowThe property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.The property pane
by Area Finland Service

Tekla Structures 2019 Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings 1.1 Environment installation and new file path Environment installer is downloaded same way as on previous versions but it now contains .tsep installers. Whole environment is packed into smaller role packages that contain smaller file sets. When setting up the installing, user can decide whether the environment .tsep packages are installed immediately or at the first startup of Tekla Structures. The old file path for environment (C:\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\2018i\Environments\Finland) is now changed to C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\2019.0\Environments\
by Area Finland Service

Centralized distribution of Tekla Structures 2019i

Introduction Tekla Structures consists of the following installations: Tekla Structures software installation  Tekla Structures environment installation Localized environments include your country-specific codes and standards. Installing Tekla Structures software and environments one by one on each user’s computer is a time consuming task in large companies, and therefore, Tekla Structures is often installed in a centralized manner across company workstations. This article clarifies the basic principles of building a centralized installation for the Tekla Structures installation
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Offset Modeling Dimensions

Question:  Why are dimensions in my Model views not true to view? In the model, dimensions of material picked or even dimensions added are offset from the beams and have arrowheads that look unusual. I have not changed any of the symbols or Rendering settings. Other models look fine; here are some examples:   Also, in drawings, the extent purple dashed box is off of the view:   Answer: These are all issues that surface when the model is too far from the origin. As it is explained here, you must always model parts as close as possible to the origin in Tekla Structures to avoid graphical
by Tekla Support US
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Curved Stanchions

This warehouse extension automates curved handrails, curved beams, chamfered polybeams, and the Complex Polybeam Extensions by mimicking the functionality of Stanchions (S76) on curved beams.  For a brief walkthrough of how the extension works watch this video.
by Tekla Support US
  • Curved Stanchions

Missing Components

Question:  Every once in awhile I am in a model that is shared or was started by someone else and a lot of the components that I had in a previous model are not available. How do I resolve this?  Answer:  That is often due to Custom components not being present in the model. To check, find out if the Custom components group is available in Applications and components: The absence of Custom components in a model happens mostly at the moment of model creation. It is not related to the installation of the software unless the Environments have not been installed on one machine and therefore were
by Tekla Support US
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Vulcraft Joist Plug-In For Tekla Structures

Question: How do I install the plugin available on Nucor's website? After it is installed where do I find it in Tekla? What versions of Tekla does it support? Answer: The plug-in's downloads are available in an .exe format. It must first be unzipped and then installed (run the executable) while Tekla is closed. Further installation instructions are available in the Readme PDF included with the download package. As it is stated in that file, to use the installer:    1. Make sure that Tekla Structures is not open. 2. Run the file named “VulcraftPluginSetup.exe”.  3. Click the “Install” button
by Tekla Support US
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Which licensing option should I choose when starting Tekla Structures?

Question: When Tekla Structures starts up, it asks me to choose between on-premises and online license. What do I select? Answer: Choose Tekla online license for the following: Tekla Structures online subscription licenses. This is the licensing method used for most new licenses issued from March 2021 onwards. Tekla PowerFab suite license. Tekla Structures Partner license. Tekla Campusonline portal service for students to learn Tekla StructuresTekla Campus offers a student license for using Tekla Structures for learning. Tekla Campus includes a learning environment for Tekla BIM tools.Tekla
by Tekla User Assistance
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How to split bars into stock lengths using splitters

Question: I've inserted a rebar set into a slabplate that represents a concrete structureIn Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.Slab may be part of a floor, for example. but the bars are the whole length, I need to split the bars into stock lengths with standard laps. What's the best way to go about this? Answer: You can define standard and custom lapping and crankingrebar set end detail that creates cranks for certain reinforcing bars in a rebar setCranks refer to crank-shaped bends and they can be created with rebar set end detail modifiers or rebar set
by Trimble Solutions UK
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How can I remove all locks from a model?

Sometimes there can be locked objects in a model that are difficult to find and unlock. This article shows how to select and unlock all locked objects in the model. The objects.inp file and filter described below are included in the attachment at the bottom of this article. First create an objects.inp file that contains the OBJECT_LOCKED attribute as shown below or use the attached file. Copy this inp file to the model folder and open the model (the model needs to be reopened after the objects.inp file has been placed in the model folder for it to be read). Open the User Defined Attributes
by Tekla Global Support
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Installation Guide

Introduction to installing Tekla Structures This article will give you step by step instructions on how to install Tekla Structures software and its environments.  Hardware requirements The installation and hardware requirements can be found here .  Before you start    Remove any previous versions of Tekla Structures you might have. Note that you will lose all Tekla Structures projects when you do this. If you have incomplete projects, you might want to finish them with the old Tekla Structures software because there might be compatibility issues. Make sure you have Windows Administrator
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Direct modification arrow doesn't work in Tekla Structures 2019 Service pack 2

In Tekla Structures version 2019 Service pack 2, the Direct modificationfunction that activates the mode where the model objects can be modified by using handlesDirect modification enables additional handles and modification options. arrow that is used in components and extensions doesn't work when DM is set on.Some of the components and extensions that show problems are: Floor Layout tool, Meshreinforcement that represents a mesh of steel bars in two perpendicular directionsIn Tekla Structures, the reinforcement mesh bars in one direction are called main bars and reinforcement mesh bars
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by Tekla Global Support