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Trigonometric functions in Rebar Shape Manager

Question:I am trying to use trigonometric functions in Rebar Shape Managertool that is used for customizing the bending shapes of reinforcing barsRebar shape manager can be used for bending shapes only and not for any other reinforcing bar properties. but I do not see anything in reports. What am I doing wrong? Answer:When trying to map angles and trigonometric functions, you need to write the functions (sin, cos, tan) in small letters, as shown inside the brackets. If capital letters are used, the letters are not recognized, and a blank space will appear in reports. Another thing to note is
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Some printers cannot handle zero line weights

Question:I am trying to print a drawing from Tekla Structures but the printer does not print. How do I get printing to work? Answer:The problem is most likely related to line weights (line thickness). Some printer drivers cannot handle zero line weights.The workaround is to modify the Color table and change zero pen number settings to 1 or to some other appropriate value. For more information about line weights see Line thickness (pen number in Color Table.
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Other software hooking to Tekla Structures

There have been cases where a 3rd party software has hooked to Tekla Structures. This means that the other software grabs into Tekla Structures code and prevents Tekla Structures from operating correctly. The purpose of this Product Bulletin is to help you to detect hooking cases and to solve the problem.Symptoms You can suspect hooking if you have the following problems in Tekla Structures: Texts are missing in the user interface: Hooking can cause the texts to be missing in the user interface. You may notice this already in the Login dialog box. Tekla Structures shuts down unexpectedly:
Requires Tekla Maintenance
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