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Modeling with colors from version 21.1 and older

Question: We are moving from an old version of Tekla, where the modeling colors are brighter. In the new version that we are working on,  the modeling colors are more opaque. Is there a setting we can change to view our 3D model with the old colors? Answer: The modeling colors in Tekla Structures have changed since version 2016, but you can still use the ones from older versions by switching to the Class colors from version 21.1 and older option in the Display settings of the View properties. For additional information about colors in the new User Interface, see 2016 UI Release notes under
by Maria
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Relation Update Needed

Question:  In the drawing list under the "changes" column, some of my GA drawings sporadically say, "Relation Update Needed."  It will occasionally go away, but then it will be back 15 minutes later when I didn't touch that specific drawing. What is this message referring to?     Answer: This message occurs when, on a GA drawing, sections or details are created and then moved to another GA drawing.   If, in a given GA drawing where views were moved from you go back and make any changes to the detail or section symbol properties (in some versions this occurs even with just a change to the
by Maria
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Print everything in Black & White except the logo

Question: On our drawings, we would like to have our logo print in color but to have everything else in black. Is there a quick way to achieve this? Answer: A quick way to do this is possible by inserting an image directly into the drawing. In Tekla Structures, you can only either print everything from a template in color or B&W. Therefore, to achieve this using the template editor, you would need to make every line and text in templates black except, of course, the image/ logo. Doing so would be time-consuming because you would have to revisit all the templates that are being used in
by Maria
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Using the Template Editor without opening Tekla

Question: Is it possible to use the Tekla Template editor without opening Tekla Structures? Answer: Yes, you can open it without Tekla being opened. To do so:   Browse for the version of Tekla that you are using from the list of installed software at the Start menu (or Start screen depending on your OS). Click the downward arrow to unhide the contents of the version, and you will find the Template editor there. After clicking on it, you will be prompted to choose an environment.
by Maria
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Unable to Scale a Reference Model Using Reference Model Scale

Question: I am unable to scale my reference model. When using the Reference Model Scale tool, I am choosing my model, picking two points, and entering the distance. After hitting OK, nothing is happening. Why? Answer: Both possibilities for this issue are rooted in your Selecting toolbar.  For this macro to work, you must be using Select reference models and Select components as indicated in the following linked article, under section Select an entire reference model.  Carefully review the steps below for a successful scaling of your model using Reference Model Scale: Launch the Reference
by Maria
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Why is the grid not visible in the 3D view?

Question: I've created a grid and moved it by 2000 mm in the Z direction. Now I can see the grid in the correct position in an elevation view, but it disappeared from the 3D view. I have extended the view depth of the 3D view but the grid is still invisible. Why doesn't it show? Answer: A grid represents a three-dimensional complex of horizontal and vertical planes as illustrated in the image below:   The projection of the grid planes is scribed on the view plane using dash-and-dot lines. View depth has no effect on grid visibility - the grid is only shown on the view if any of the
by Area Finland Service
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Tekla Structures 2020 India environment Release Notes

1. Steel Settings: 1.1 Drawing Layout Updates All drawing attributes modified which are available in "Steel" and "Engineering" role as per new drawing layoutplan of a drawing that includes the table layout and definitions of the sheet sizeTekla Structures includes several predefined drawing layouts, which are drawing-type specific. The user can also create new drawing layouts. changes. All drawing layout files modifiied as per new drawing layout changes.Steel role: .Engineering role: 1.2 Steel Components: 1.2.1 System components: The below information helps you to know about the fixes &
by Trimble Solutions India
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How to get total count of similar rows in report

Question: We have created multi sheets for the assembly drawing. How to get count for number of sheets created for particular assembly drawing using report file. Answer: To get the count of similar rows in report, in Drawing row we used a valuefield with number 1, Data type as "Number" & used option "sum values across all rows". So whenever similar row will come, it will add one to existing value. Output will be as shown below. Template is attached for reference.  
by Shreyas Joshi
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Selecting the correct graphics card for Tekla Structures in Windows

Many computers, especially laptops, have more than one graphics card available. Such systems often default applications to use the less powerful graphics card to save power. To ensure the best possible performance, make sure that Tekla Structures always uses the most powerful graphics card on your computer. If you have a capable graphics card, but DirectX rendering seems to be slower than OpenGL rendering, your computer is most likely not using the correct graphics card for Tekla Structures. To check which graphics card is being used, see How to check the graphics card used for Tekla
by Tekla User Assistance
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How to check the graphics card used for Tekla Structures

If your computer has more than one graphics card, you should always check which card is used for Tekla Structures in Windows Task Manager app to make sure your most powerful graphics card is in use. Open a model in Tekla Structures. Open the Windows Task Manager app. If you see a More details button in the lower left corner, click it. You should see the apps in a table with details on their resource usage. Check the GPU Engine column for Tekla Structures to see the number of the GPU that is currently active, e.g., GPU 0 - 3D. If the column is not visible, right-click any of the visible
by Tekla User Assistance
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Tekla Structures software maintenance lifecycle

We may provide service pack updates to previously released Tekla Structures versions generally up to two years after the version is initially released. These introduce enhancements and fix errors that are found after the software is released. You can download service pack versions at the Tekla Downloads service. Currently, the following versions may still receive new service pack updates: 2021 2020 2019i   You can continue using older versions, but you should not expect any software updates to be available. New major versions of Tekla Structures are included in Tekla Structures maintenance.
by Tekla User Assistance
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How to show parameters from a parametric profile in a report/template, for example from a TT concrete profile?

First, export the profile and then open profile.clb with a text editor, notepad for example. Then to call “b2”- Distance between ribs you can use the text which is present in the description row as an attribute. For example, GetValue("PROFILE.albl_Distance_between_ribs") in the Formula box in Value Field Properties dialog. In a similar way you can call other parameters as well.
by Tekla Global Support
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Custom component list - India Environment

Below is the concrete custom components list for India Environment Sl.No Custom Component Desccription Location/Role 1 Canti_beam Rein This component is used to create reinforcement for cantilever beams. It works for tapered beam with varying cross section. Rebar-Detailer, Precast Detailer 2 Cast-In-Plate This component is used to create different types of cast in plates as shown below. There are nine number of cast-in-plate types included in this component. Rebar-Detailer,Precast Detailer, Contractor 3 CIP_Pile_2 This component is used to place pile cap with 2
by Trimble Solutions India
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Direct Manipulation Platform failed to initialize - error messages when opening Tekla Structures

If the error messages Direct Manipulation Platform failed to initialize appears when opening Tekla Structures, it is most likely that 2 unnecessary extensions are installed on top of TeklaStructures Version 2020 or higher.  Please check in the Extension manager in the application & components menu and remove Formwork placing tools - Slabs.tsep & Formwork tools.tsep. After restarting Tekla Structures the error message will disappear and the DM functionality will work again. Direct Manipulation Platform failed to initialize Tekla.BIM.DirectManipulation.Features.
by Rico Keijzer
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View angle in Components

Question: Is there any option to get the view angle option for components? Answer: Yes, it is available from Tekla Structures version 2019i onwards. Click here for more information on different view angles.
by Trimble Solutions India
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Manual Apply option in the Property pane

Question: I get previously applied properties of parts during modelling to create parts. Is there any option to use old “Apply” option to create a parts? Answer: Yes, it is available from Tekla Structures version 2019i onwards. Click here to see how to switch between manual and automatic applying option in the property pane
by Trimble Solutions India
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Finding Duplicate parts in Tekla Structures

Question: Is there any option to find duplicate parts in Tekla Structures apart from Clash check manager? Answer: You can use the Organizer function in Tekla Structures to check if there are any multiple parts in the same co-ordinates. The Count column will show you the amount of duplicates. For an example, If 2 profiles are having the same start and end points (Duplicate profiles) in all 3 axes, you will find the "Count" as "2" in the object browser. Note that you need to download this object browser template: Duplicate parts.propertytemplate . Unzip it to the “ProjectOrganizer”
by Trimble Solutions India
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Is there any option to change the size of the handles in parts?

Question: Is there option to change the size of the handles in parts? Answer: Yes, you can increase the size of the handles in the advanced options. Go to File > Settings > Advanced options > Model view.  You can copy the name below to Search bar. The default Value of the handles is 1.3. Change the value of the handles by clicking on the value and changing the number. The scale is set to 5 in the example image below. XS_HANDLE_SCALE  
by Trimble Solutions India
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Handles of contour plate not visible in model

Question: I unable to find handles when I select contour plate, How do I get the handles of contour plate? Answer: Chamfer handles can be made visible in the advanced settings.  Go to File> Settings > Advanced options > Model view. Copy the name below and click Search. Change the Value to HANDLES. XS_DRAW_CHAMFERS_HANDLES
by Trimble Solutions India
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Old view filters are not working in my new model

Question: Why my old view filters are not working in my new model? Answer: You used space separator in between the filter values but you have different separator in XS_FILTER_SEPARATOR_CHAR that is the semicolon (;). The value of the XS_FILTER_SEPARATOR_CHAR needs to be blank if you want to use the old view filters. 
by Trimble Solutions India
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