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Concrete Modeling Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of modeling tutorials, many of which are specifically geared towards concrete modeling. You can save this link to your favorites and use it as the launch page to view the concrete training videos.  Before you begin, you will need to download a few files if you intend to follow along. Click the appropriate link in the table to download these files. Concrete Modeling Video Tutorials   Cast in Place Reinforcement FILES Click to download Click to download L1 Start New Model Modeling Rebar Basics L2 Insert PDF/Create Views Modeling Rebar Part 1 L3 Modeling Footings
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Precast Model Template - India Environment

General Notes: To watch Help Video for this Model Template, please click this Link 1. Model settings 1.1 Hollow-core Profiles 1.2 System components settings- Floor Layout tool attributes “Number of Parts” – Creates the beams as per the numbers defined in “General” Tab “Hollow-Core” – Creates layout with HCS_160_1 profile and without fillers “Half-Slab” – Creates Precast slab with Top cast in Cast-in-place type. “Column_Beam_Cuts” – Creates 8mm cuts for column / beam or class 10 / 13.  “CIP_Filler” – Creates hollow core slab with CIP filler with grade “Concrete_Undefined” 1.3 System
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AISC Certification Standard

Question - I am becoming or renewing my AISC Certification for my business. How do we comply with section 1.7.2 of the AISC 207-16 manual? Answer - This section states: For computer-generated shop drawings and digital models, the documented procedure shall identify the data, variables, graphics, calculating formulas, and other output that are checked to determine that the software is functioning correctly, and shall include provisions for verifying the accuracy of input.  In section 1.7.2 it expands to also state at the beginning: The fabricator or manufacturer shall develop a documented
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Can I use Management Console for on-premises models?

Question:  Is it possible to use Management Console for on-premises models? It has a lot of useful functions for on-premises models as well. Answer: Currently there is no Management Console for the on-premises server or models.  Note that you can add one account (user) as the owner for all the models in an on-premise server. That is done by running the installer, see the installation guide. You can re-run the installer to set this. So this one user can act as an administrator for all the models in the on-premises server using Tekla Structures. The owner can for example delete a model from on-
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Setting up Hard Stamps for NC Files

Setting up Hard Stamps for NC files In this guide, we will talk about how to utilize the new hard stampinformation written in an NC file that sets the NC machine to create a text mark, containing information on the part or assembly, in a partHard stamp can contain, for example, a project and lot number, phase, or part and assembly position. features found in Version 2016 and newer. We will also discuss general hard stamp topics.  Hard Stamps To find these settings go to File > Export > Create NC Files > then Highlight a setting in the NC filefile that contains information gathered
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Closing down the Model Sharing Change Manager takes a long time

Problem: After read in, I want to close the list of model changes (Change Manager) at the bottom pane. However, this time closing the manager took much longer than usually. What could be the reason? Answer: If more than 3 model views are open at the same time, it can cause noticeable slowness to the closing of Model Sharing Change Manager. This is because each view needs to be re-drawn separately, and depending on the model, this can take some time. Solution: To workaround the issue, please close all the unnecessary views. You might also want to consider disabling the change manager
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India Environment_Steel_Help file

  General Instructions :  1. This article helps you to understand about available settings (like reports, filters, attributes, etc.) in India Environment pertaining to Steel segment.  2. Model Templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models The user can save a model including all its elements, such as object properties, certain settings, parts, and components, in a model template. "General _ Steel" available in India Environment could be used to practice and learn all settings listed in this article.3. Model Template "Secondary Steel Structures" available in India Environment
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Using Trimble Connect files in Tekla Structures

You can store custom settings in a specific folder so that they are available in Tekla Structures. To do this, you can use the following advanced options: XS_FIRM: You can  use custom settings for all Tekla Structures models. XS_PROJECT: You can use custom settings in one Tekla Structures model. Both changes can be saved in a local folder or a folder on a server. A folder on a server is often used when multiple licenses are in use in one company and it is desirable that everyone uses the same settings (profile database, drawing settings, templates, etc.). This promotes uniformity within
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Performing a Clean Install of Tekla Structures

Performing a clean install of Tekla Structures In this article, you will learn how to perform a clean installation of Tekla Structures. You might want to do this if there are compatibility issues with Tekla Structures or if you are experiencing crashing and have already tried the suggestions here: Pre-requisites before starting 1. Save any customizations or add-on files you might have made to local installations. 2. Back up models to secure location before modifying system files. Uninstalling Tekla Structures On
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US Rebar Tutorials

In this training you will learn how to use many of the reinforcement techniques available in Tekla Structures. The model you will need for this training can be downloaded below. This is a completed concrete model and you will be adding reinforcement throughout these tutorials. This training is to be considered an intermediate level training. If you are not familiar with the basic concrete modeling processes and tools, you will need to get up to speed on these. You can accomplish this by going through our Concrete Fundamentals course, Tekla User Assistance tutorials, or through your company's
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License Borrow Tool Configuration

The License Borrow Tool will allow you to use Tekla Structures offline by borrowing licenses activated on a computer server. The tool is beneficial to users who want to work in a location that does not have a reliable connection to the license server. See the linked article for detailed descriptions of the Borrow Tool's options and settings. A Tekla Structures user can borrow licenses that are activated on the server for a defined number of days while connected to the office network or by temporarily connecting to the server via VPN. In short, while performing the process of borrowing (and
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Creating rails to use with Bending machines

If you are starting to use bending equipment for your rails you will need to be aware of a few details that are required so the bending software can read the data.  You cannot use polybeams when modeling rails to be bent in a bending machine. When polybeams are exported they are shown faceted which means that each segment of the shape is now a face instead of a smooth surface, as the image below shows. The rail on the left is a straight piece of rail with a smooth surface and there are no lines between each segment. The rail on the right is a polybeam and as you can see, there are facets
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Inch (") Sign Missing in Part Marks' Content level attributes (TOP_LEVEL, BOTTOM_LEVEL, etc.)

Question: In GA drawings, when setting a TOP_LEVEL attribute, the inch (") sign is being truncated. Is there any reason this is happening, or perhaps a setting to set to prevent this? Answer: Content level attributes in part marks such as TOP_LEVEL, BOTTOM_LEVEL, ASSEMBLY_TOP_LEVEL, ASSEMBLY_BOTTOM_LEVEL, and ASSEMBLY.MAIN_PART.TOP_LEVEL are hardcoded, and inch marks cannot be added. Instead, you must use the UNFORMATTED types. In this case, TOP_LEVEL_UNFORMATTED will return the top levels as a length in mm (or inch) so you can format them and include them into formulas in templates.  
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Working from home and slow internet speeds with Tekla Model Sharing

Question: What are requirements for internet connection speed while working with Tekla Model Sharing? We have many employees now working from home and they are experiencing long read-in  and write-out times and for some of them it can fail from time to time. Answer: Tekla Model sharing does not have any minimal requirements for internet speed. The only limit is the maximum time for upload/download token. For security reasons the upload/download token validity time is limited to max 6 hours. In practice this means that if a single packet upload/download takes more than 6 hours the
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Set angle degree sign when using non-English system language

Question; Why the degree symbol displayed as a question mark? Answer; This may caused when you are using the other system language for example  (Thailand language) The value can be change in advanced settting  XS_​ANGLE_​DEGREE_​SIGN To add the desired degree symbol, copy the symbol from a CAD file or text file the paste in the value field (by default value is unicode:176) Reopen your drawing and you will get the reguired angle degree symbol  
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Add multiple model/project code to Assembly and Part Marking without affecting numbering.

Question : If I have to model more than one indentical model/building in one project, and need to put the model code into the position marking, what should I set ? The members in same position should have the same position number. For example : 01PC001 = Column Position Marking from model 01 02PC001 = Column Position Marking from model 02 Answer : Yes, you can have the same position number in two models if the models are identical.  1. Set the code of model or Project Code in the UDA of Project Properties An example at the Project Comment field : 2. Open Advance Setting At the field of
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Filter only certain connection details using Connection code

Question; How can i select or view only certain connection details in the model view? Answer: You can use the connection code in the General tab of the connection's properties to select only a certain connection. To do this, open connection properties and define the value for Connection code in the General tab. Open View Properties and select Object group. 1. Tick New Filter 2. Add row as shown in the image below. 3. Click Modify 4. Save the Object Group to be used in both View Filter and Selection Filter Now you can use that object group in the selection filter and modify only a certain
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Hide object dimensions while draw the object using sketching tools in drawing

Question; How to hide object dimensions while draw the object using sketching tools in drawing? Answer; You have two option.  1. Go to Quick Launch and start typing toggle graphical object dimensions. Then, select the Toggle graphical object dimensions command from the list that appears. 2. Use the Control + D shortcut command to switch command on and off. When the dimensions are visible, a small 'd' is displayed on the status bar.  
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India Environment Concrete Roles Help

General Instructions 1. This article explains all available settings (like reports, filters, view properties, etc.) in India Environment pertaining to Concrete segment.  2. Model Templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models The user can save a model including all its elements, such as object properties, certain settings, parts, and components, in a model template. "4D Concrete Model" available in India Environment contains model objects and data to practice or learn the settings listed in this article.3. Settings in 'common' environment folders and some 'standard' settings
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Center Lines on Section Views and End Details

Question: I am trying to figure out how to turn on the centerline of an End view of a profile in drawings. Is there a setting or advanced option that is keeping this from appearing? Answer: When a part's centerline is perpendicular to a view, it is visualized as a cross. The size of that "cross" is defined by the Symbol offset property in the Content tab. On versions up to 2019, symbol offsets in drawings' Section views and End details have been consistently zero (0), and thus the size of the cross in those views is not visible. As demonstrated by the following image, the centerline cross
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