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Flexnet Licensing checkout error: no such feature exists

Error: Flexnet licensing checkout error while opening Tekla structures.   Cause: This may be caused by environmental variable FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS. You can check Windows Environment Variables, or any batch files are used to start TS, or any startup ini-files is being used for TS. To check any Environmental variable on the user system, you can run the command “set FLEX” in the command prompt.   Solution: If you can find the FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS environmental variable set on user system then you can rename/remove the variable on Windows Environment Variables, or remove the FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS line
by Trimble Solutions India
  • Flexnet Licensing checkout error
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Tekla Structures 2021 France Environment Release Notes

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. General Settings 1.1 ini Files for French environment 1.1.1 env_France.ini1.1.2 role_Acier.ini1.1.3 role_Béton_Coulé_Sur_Site.ini1.1.4 role_Béton_Planificateur_de_production.ini1.1.5 role_Béton_Préfabriqué.ini1.1.6 role_Bois.ini1.1.7 role_Complet.ini1.1.8 role_Gestion_de_la_Construction.ini1.1.9 role_Ingénierie.in1.1.10 Bypass.ini 1.2 Folder structure 1.3 Catalogs 1.3.1 Profile catalog1.3.2 Rebar Shape Catalog1.3.3 Material catalog1.3.4 Item catalog 1.4 Organizer 1.4.1 New UNIFORMAT II 2015 (level 4)1.4.2 New Check and Holes categories  1.5 Macros 1.5.1 Modeling 1.6
by Trimble Solutions France

Show linked DWG in shared model with different Firm folders

Question: How to show the linked DWG file automatically on shared model when offices that are in different location using two different firm folder. Answer: Consider there are two user (A&B) working on shared model from different location and having different firm folder path .User (A) can link the DWG file from the Firm folder which in his local machine . After linking the drawing, change the file name syntax as " .\Drawing name " instead of  "C:\xxxx\yyyy\Drawing name " and modify the DWG path as shown below.  Once the modification are done as mentioned above ,user(A) can "Write
by Trimble Solutions India
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Custom properties in Russia environment

Name (CUSTOM. + ...) Description Row type Values Example RU_OBJECT_TYPE Type of a model object. PART String Output example: "ContourPlate" RU_PLATE_CREATIONTYPE Type of a planar object. PART String (PLATE or BEAM)   RU_PART_HAS_WELDPREPS Does a part have weld prepping? PART String (NO or YES)   RU_POLYBEAM_END_X  RU_POLYBEAM_END_Y RU_POLYBEAM_END_Z Polybeam endpoint coordinates in the global coordinate system. PART-PolyBeam Double   RU_POLYBEAM_END_X_IN_WORK_PLANE RU_POLYBEAM_END_Y_IN_WORK_PLANE RU_POLYBEAM_END_Z_IN_WORK_PLANE Polybeam endpoint coordinates in the work
by Trimble Россия

Editing HTML files for Instructor

Making simple HTML edits for the instructor side pane The Instructor is a new tool designed to help users with the basic inputs of tools. If your company makes custom components or API tools and you want to create your own instructor instructions for your tools you can follow this guide for some easy instructions.  First review the content here for information on how to get started with setting up an instructor file. I will go over the basics here also... Let's open the instructor by opening Tekla Structures and then opening a model, on the side pane you will have an icon that looks like
by Tekla Support US
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Open native BIMSight files in Trimble Connect

Question: I have several *.tbp (Native BIMSight extension) files and I need to open them on Trimble Connect. How do I do it? I no longer have the software installed. Answer: You can drag and drop the *.tbp file to a Trimble Connect project page. (It doesn’t work if you try to import the *.tbp file inside an existing TC project). The conversion process might be slow, so you need to be patient. All the files and their placements are imported to the Trimble Connect project. There are, however, the following limitations: -        ToDos -        Views -        ClashChecks Those are not exported to
by Maria
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Point Cloud location Using Model Sharing or Trimble Connect

Question: Is there any way to share locations of the point cloud from user to user. I have a point cloud that was moved and rotated, but I am the only one who can see it. For Model Sharing Unfortunately, point clouds are not shared through Model Sharing as the files created for them are stored in App Data, and that is not a shared directory. For additional information about this limitation, see our linked article for Point Clouds (at the bottom of the preface).  You could, however, take the files from the cloud cache folder (%localappdata%\Trimble\Tekla Structures\PointClouds) and place
by Maria
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File size limit to insert E57 Point Cloud into Tekla

Question: Is there a known limit on file size to insert Point Cloud files into Tekla? We have a 40 GB E57 that has crashed after a while of processing.  Answer: There is no known size limitation.   It is crucial to keep in mind that during the process of transferring and decoding point cloud data between different software packages, information tends to be lost, reduced inaccuracy, or corrupted due to programming errors or miscommunication between the writer and reader of the data. One way to ensure that the file has not become corrupt is by using a point cloud viewer such as CloudCompare (
by Maria
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Rounding Radius for DXF/DWG Reference Objects or Cross Sections

Question: Is there a way to make the drawing and the reference object in the model have a smooth radius? Can I add more segments somehow to make this look more natural? The DXF file looks correctly in a viewer.  Answer: To see a smoother radius for cross-sections or sketched profiles, you must define the number of points used for chamfers with the advanced option XS_​CHAMFER_​ACCURACY_​FACTOR, and also change the angles dividing a cross-section chamfer using the advanced option XS_​CS_​CHAMFER_​DIVIDE_​ANGLE. To do so: 1. change XS_​CHAMFER_​ACCURACY_​FACTOR=1 2. change XS_​CS_​CHAMFER_​
by Maria
  • DXF/DWG Rounding Radius
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Field (virtual) Studs as Parts in Drawings

Question: Is it possible to make fabrication drawings of field studs added through the User Defined attributes of a part? Answer: Studs added through UDAs cannot be viewed as parts in drawings. These virtual studs are only meant to be used within templates or marks (or templates in marks). If you need studs to show up in drawings as part, they need to be modeled using either beam or bolt options/ properties.   Related Articles Add templates in marksUser-defined attribute (UDA) switches and workflowsHow to call custom-made User-defined attributes (UDA) in your reports/drawings templates?Field
by Tekla Support US
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  • Field (virtual) Studs as Parts in Drawings
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Text in Imported PDF looks distorted

Question: Even though I am able to import my PDF, after the import, all the text within the sheet shows up distorted and does not match the original file. Why is this happening?    Answer: Fonts within the PDF may contain optimizers/ enhancers or encoders, causing such a response when importing into Tekla Structures. We were able to resolve this by doing a Save as of the file under the PDF/X subset, using a PDF editor like Bluebeam Revu or PDF-XChange editor.   PDF/X's primary purpose is to facilitate graphics exchange and contains a series of printing related requirements, such as all fonts
by Maria
  • Text in Imported PDF looks distorted or does not match the original
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Custom Component not visible in the Model

Question: I am trying to add a slab in my model using the Turned Down Slab Custom component. When I add it, the component symbol (green cone) shows, but the turned down slab does not. I am not receiving any errors in the status bar. Why is this happening?  Answer: This is most likely happening because the Sketch Solver warehouse extension is not installed on your computer, due to the presence of sketched profiles in the component that you are trying to use.  To verify that the warehouse extension is the issue: After having added the custom component, Save the Model, and Reopen it.  Note:
by Maria
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  • turned down slab not visible

U.S. Base Plate (1047): Hole size in plate washer

Question: In component US Base Plate (1047), how can different hole sizes be created in the base plate and the cover washer per the image below? I have 1 3/8 dia anchor rods and would like 1 7/8 dia holes in the base plate and 1 7/16 holes in the plate washer. Answer: In the Anchor rods tab, go to the Create hole in washer section at the bottom of the window. Once you are there, change the option to Yes and type in the size of the hole diameter, as is shown in the image below: Instructions To achieve 1 7/8 dia holes in the base plate, set a 1 3/8 bolt size and 1/2 tolerance in the Bolts tab
by Maria
  • US Base Plate (1047)
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Degree and Diameter Symbols from a Laptop

Question: I would like to enter symbols for diameter and degree from a laptop (without a side number keypad) but am not having any luck. I am trying to input per Windows Alt Codes found online such as Alt+0176 for ° (Degree) and Alt+0216 for Ø (Diameter), but these only work from a desktop. Can I input a different way? Answer: Characters like the diameter symbol come from the character map utility included with Microsoft Windows operating systems to view characters in any installed font. If you cannot use a number pad, you can still copy characters from the map and paste them. You will
by Maria
  • Degree and Diameter Symbols from laptop
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Custom Component: Import failed. Export version not recognized

Question: I'm trying to import some custom component files, but I get an "Import failed. Export version not recognized" error message. What could I do to the .uel files to make them work? I'm using Tekla Structures V2017, and the files I exported from are in V2018. Is there a way of solving this? Answer: You cannot import a .uel (custom component) file from a newer version into an older one. If you click OK on the error messages, toward the end of it, you are asked to Check the log file for details. Below is an image of what this log says when attempting to import the .uel into a previous
by Maria
  • Import failed. Export version not recognized
  • custom component import failed
  • cannot import custom component
  • Export version not recognized
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Update Drawing status flags and related status messages

Question:  How do I quickly remove a related status message under the Changes column? Answer:  To remove related status messages, the drawing needs to be Updated. There are two options to do so: Option A: 1. Highlight the drawing(s) that has a Related status message. 2. Right-click> Update or click on the Update drawing button.    Option B: 1. Open the drawing that has a Related status message. 2. Without necessarily making any changes or movements in the drawing, Close the drawing.  3. In the Tekla Structures drawing warning dialog that pops up next, asking if you want to keep the
by Maria
  • Update Drawing status flags and related status messages
  • update changes
  • remove changes

Color by Phases: Change standard color representation of phases

Question:  In my model, two phases of similar colors are adjacent to one another. Is there a setting to adjust these colors? I want to set up the Color by Phase View property Representation to have different primary colors to avoid having related colors near each other. Answer: To assign personalized colors to phases, you must create your own Object Representation settings in the model (including phase Filters to assign colors to those specific phases). Here are the steps: 1. Double-click on the background of your model's 3D View to get the View Properties dialog box shown in the image above
by Maria
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PDF Import Error: Failure during PDF File conversion (11)

Question: I am receiving the following error during a PDF import. What does it mean? Here is what my PDF looks like:   Answer: This is a rare error, but it may point at something corrupt inside a PDF sheet. We have resolved it by deleting unnecessary content such as legends, words, and details in the sheet using a PDF editor like Bluebeam Revu or PDF-XChange editor.  In the case of the PDF file above, deleting everything outside the Floor plan has resolved the problem: It is essential to check for other PDF inaccuracies inside your PDF file, such as raster images inside a vectored plan,
by Maria
  • Failure during PDF File conversion (11)
  • PDF Import Error
  • Fail to import PDF

Tekla Structures 2020 SP3 has changes which might affect some revision templates

Template attributeattribute in a template object that Tekla Structures uses to calculate and display information from a model databaseTemplate attributes represent object properties. REVISION.LAST_MARK was changed in TS2020 SP3 so that an empty value is no longer returned, but zero value (0) instead if there is no revisions. This change might affect existing templates which use empty value in their rules. We have already noticed this in a revision table in Finland environment, where stange line is drawn next to the title block when there is no revisions and in USA environment where the text
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Tekla Global Support

Some of the handles will not get selected in Tekla Structures 2020 SP4

We have found an error in the Tekla Structures 2020 SP4 version when selecting handles in a model viewview that is represented in the modeling modeModel view is available also in the drawing mode and it is represented in its own window.. Some of the handles will not get selected with Alt + area selectionmethod of selecting objects that are included in a certain rectangular area of a modelIn addition to the selected area, selection switches and selection filters control which object types are selected., like in the example below:    The handles which are not selected are random. This happens
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Tekla Global Support