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Drawing Layouts and Windows 7

Question - I just upgraded to Tekla 2020 and now my layouts are not visible in the dropdowns. I am using Windows 7, could that be related? Answer - Yes, we have seen this issue occurs only on Windows 7 machines at this point. Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7, therefore, we recommend you update to a new Operating System and this issue will go away. This problem also exists with 2019i and the latest service packs. 
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When using Direct Modification i cannot add a new handle

Question - At one point I could add points to a contour plate, slab, grid when using direct modification but now the button that would normally show up between two existing handles is gone?  Answer - This was likely turned off by accident but you can turn it back on using the contextual toolbar. First, you need to highlight a handle on the object you want to add a point to, see below Then click on the contextual toolbar and branch out the settings, there you will see a line with a point in the middle. Turn this on and it will add the point back, see below   Now you will have the option to do
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  • Direct Modification
  • handle missing to add point
  • cannot add handle to slab
  • cannot add handle to contour plate
  • missing handle

Working remotely with Tekla Structures

This page gives you guidelines on the things to consider when setting up Tekla Structures for remote work. After general guidelines, we explain the four main scenarios for setting up working from outside the office network either temporarily or permanently. The guidelines below assume that you run Tekla Structures on a computer that is outside your office network. You can work remotely also by connecting to your office computer through your VPN solution or other remote desktop software, see the VPN and remote desktop scenarios below for more information. Tekla Structures, related licensing
by Tekla User Assistance
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When two beams are created close to each other deleting one will delete connection from both

CASE:  When the user creates two (similar) Beams/Profiles closer to each other (as shown in below image 1) and after that, if we delete one profile the connection from another profile will be deleted automatically (as shown in below image 2).      SOLUTION: It is a feature in Tekla Structure to detect twins (similar) profiles applicable for all standard profiles available in the catalog. and the default range for detecting twin profiles for all standard profiles is set to 400mm. If the user needs a different value to prevent this from happening set the lower value in the user attribute
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by Pradyumna Patidar
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Cold rolled overlap unable to create connection when use with Auto Connection for PEB

CASE:  When a cold-rolled overlap connection component (shown below) used with an auto connection to create a connection between rafter/column and purlin/girt then the flange brace connection will not create.SOLUTION: As the Cold rolled overlap connection creates a connection between web, flange, and purlin or girt and in case of PEB rafter/column web is a separate entity then flange so the component is unable to detect the web as connecting part for purlin/girt. To resolve this problem you can use the auto connection tolerance variable from advance option (XS_​AUTOCONNECTION_​TOLERANCE) and
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by Pradyumna Patidar
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  • auto connection
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Using Tekla Structures when working from home/remotely - without a VPN

Question: I have to work from home / remotely, but I need to continue to access Tekla Structures.  My company does not have a VPN, how do I do this? Answer: The best solution would be to investigate setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that you can continue to work as though you were in the office with access your company's license server. If this is not possible, then to be able to use Tekla Structures when working from home, the license effectively has to be deactivated on the machine in the office, and then reactivated on your machine being used when working from home. 
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Centralized distribution of Tekla Structures 2020

Introduction Tekla Structures consists of the following installations: Tekla Structures software installation  Tekla Structures environment installation Localized environments include your country-specific codes and standards. Installing Tekla Structures software and environments one by one on each user’s computer is a time consuming task in large companies, and therefore, Tekla Structures is often installed in a centralized manner across company workstations. This article clarifies the basic principles of building a centralized installation for the Tekla Structures installation
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Release Info Tekla Structures 2020

The Release Info Tekla Structures 2020 includes the following topics: General Tekla Structures 2020 video's Tekla Structures 2020 provides many new options, improvements and fixes. These are all explained in this Release Info. Besides, some videos are available in which these functionalities are explained. You can check the following videos (per segment): Tekla Structures 2020 What's new for Steel Tekla Structures 2020 What's new for Precast Tekla Structures 2020 What's new for Structural Engineers Tekla Structures 2020 What's new for Cast-in-place Renewed logos in Tekla Structures
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Customizing upload to Trimble Connect

Question: In Tekla Structures 2020 we have the new feature Upload model to Trimble Connect. Tekla Structures model will be saved to a read-only .tekla file and added to existing Trimble Connect project. How can we define the output, like what properties and attributes are exported?  Answer: You can define which template and user-defined attributes are included in the export using the part.epr file. To customize the file, Copy \TeklaStructures\2020.0\Environments\common\system\UploadToConnect\part.epr file to model attributes folder.  Open part.epr file from the model attributes folder with
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by Tekla Global Support
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Tekla Structures crashes - System.ArgumentException

Case: Tekla Structures crashes with Exception Error: System.ArgumentException Solution: Please download and install the latest service pack for the Tekla Structures <<version in use>> along with its environment and test.  In case problem still persists after, please do contact your Tekla Support Office.  
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by Trimble Solutions ME
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  • exception
  • exception error
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Test Connection Error - Cannot connect. A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup

Test Connection Error - Cannot connect. A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup Case: Error when converting to multi-user model.  Solution:  It seems that you are NOT giving the correct name of the server that hosts the multiuser service.  Make sure that the multi-user service on the server is running on the server, and give the server name when you are prompted to write it inthe server dialog as a server address.  We recommend you to revise the steps in this article in order to take Tekla Multi-user Service into use.   
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by Trimble Solutions ME
  • Test Connection Error
  • Cannot connect. A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup
  • Error when converting to multi-user model. 

Available (Steel) custom components in India Environment

All the below custom components are available in the "Steel detailer" as well as in "Engineering" Roles in India Environment You can download the built up related custom components from here.  Sl.No Custom Component Description 1 BS_C_B This component is used to create built up beam by using 2 profiles. Gap between 2 profiles can be maintained. 2 BS_C_C This component is used to create built up column by using 2 profiles. Gap between 2 profiles can be maintained. 3 BS_C_TP_BP_B This component is used to create built up beam by using 4 profiles (2 Profiles+2 cover plates
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by Trimble Solutions India
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  • Steel Custom component
  • Steel CC
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  • Builtup
  • Sag Rod
  • Side runner
  • nut
  • Fire proof

4K High-resolution monitors affect Tekla Structures dialog boxes

Many high-resolution monitors have a recommended scalage that is higher than 100%. When the Windows display scalage is set to 150% or 200%, for example, some dialog boxes in Tekla Structures can be unreadable, or they might not display some buttons. For example, when the scalage is set to 200%, the Floor Layout dialog box becomes unreadable.  The workaround is to set High DPI scaling override to System. This can be set through the Tekla Structures icon on the desktop. Right-click the icon, and select Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI setting. Set the High DPI scaling
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by Rico Keijzer
  • 4K
  • high resolution

How to remove the *** in the templates when the text is too long

Question: How do I remove the *** in the templates when the text is too long? Answer: In the search field of the Windows start menu, type "Edit the system environment variables". Click on the "Environment Variables..." button. At the top, click on "New..." In the field "Variable name" add "XS_IGNORE_CUT_VALUE_IN_TEMPLATE" and in the field "Variable value" add "TRUE" and click OK. Click on OK in the "Environment Variables" and "System Properties" windows. When Tekla Structures restarts the *** will no longer appear. Note: This becomes active for all projects and all versions of Tekla
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by Trimble Solutions France
  • Champ valeur
  • tronqué
  • truncate

How to make a Tekla Structures model publicly available?

First, you need to upload your Tekla Structures model to Trimble Connect. Then you can create a public share link and even embedbuilding object that represents an object that is to be cast into a concrete structure and that is used to connect structures or as an aid when constructing a structureFor example, a cast-in socket is an embed that is placed in concrete structures to allow parts to be fastened together on site. In Tekla Structures, embeds are typically steel parts and they are added to cast units as sub-assemblies. the viewer to a web page for public viewing access.Create a public
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by Tekla Global Support
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Tekla Structures 2020 France Environment Release Notes

Note for Tekla Structures Users: The change of Layout Editor in version 2020 involves changes to your layouts. Please refer to the following articles to update your configurations. Improved Layout editor - Customize drawing layouts easilyTABLE OF CONTENT 1. General Settings 1.1 ini Files for French environment 1.1.1 env_France.ini1.1.2 role_Béton_Coulé_Sur_Site.ini1.1.3 role_Complet.ini1.1.4 role_Gestion_de_la_Construction.ini 1.2 Folder structure 1.3 Catalogs 1.3.1 Profile catalog1.3.2 Rebar Shape Catalog1.3.3 Material catalog1.3.4 Item catalog 1.4 Organizer 1.5 Macros 1.5.1 Modeling1.5.2
by Trimble Solutions France

Export Handrail Drawings for Laser Overlay

Steps to Export a Drawing using the Handrail Laser settings First, a little information about this process before we get into the steps. In your model you already likely have drawings created with dimensions and notes that you used through the approval/for fabrication process. In order to use the laser overlay in your shop you need to remove all this extra data such as titleblocks, dimensions, marks, etc.... However, we do not want to do this on your current drawings so that you do not have to lose any data or do the work and cannot save it. These instructions will tell you how to create new
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  • Export Handrail Drawings for Laser Overlay
  • handrail laser
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Finland environment custom properties

All of the custom properties of the Finland environment are implemented by the BEC project, which was done to standardize the BIM models of precast cast units. This is why many of these attributes only work for precast cast units. 1 Beam custom properties 1.1 CUSTOM.WEB_THICKNESS The attribute only works for cast units whose numbering prefix begins with K (but not KE) or JK, and whose main part profiles begin with: RCL, RCDL, RCXX, RCDX, RCX JKMP (Parma middle beam), JKSIDE (Parma edge beam) PRMB (Luja middle beam), LBL (Luja edge beam) BMK (Betonimestarit middle beam), BMR (
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  • BEC
  • custom attributes
  • Custom variables
  • finland

Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings 1.1 Environment initialization files Role FIN_Rakennesuunnittelija and ENU_Contractor: disabled the new visualization setting for hidden lines on DirectX renderingprocess of making the model object faces visibleThe rendered model object faces can be transparent or non-transparent mode due to possible performance issues in specific cases with e.g. formwork items. In general, the setting increases performance, thus the option XS_USE_DASHED_HIDDEN_LINES is true on all other roles.1.2 Model template removed Model templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models
by Area Finland Service

Testing connection between client and server computer

Question: How can I test whether a client computer can connect to a server computer? Answer: The following steps have been tested on Windows 10.  1. Start PowerShell on the client computer.   2. If you do not know the IPv4 address of the server computer, you can request it by typing ping -4 [SERVER_NAME]. You should replace [SERVER_NAME] with the actual name of the server. 3. Test the connection by utilizing the port numbers defined in the tekla.lic file: Test-NetConnection -ComputerName IPv4_SERVER -Port 27007 Test-NetConnection -ComputerName IPv4_SERVER -Port 1234 You should
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