Which licensing option should I choose when starting Tekla Structures?

Software version: 2021 - 2019

Last updated April 27, 2021 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Which licensing option should I choose when starting Tekla Structures?

When Tekla Structures starts up, it asks me to choose between on-premises and online license. What do I select?

Choose Tekla online license for the following:

  • Tekla Structures online subscription licenses. This is the licensing method used for most new licenses issued from March 2021 onwards.
  • Tekla PowerFab suite license.
  • Tekla Structures Partner license.
  • Tekla Campusonline portal service for students to learn Tekla Structures

    Tekla Campus offers a student license for using Tekla Structures for learning. Tekla Campus includes a learning environment for Tekla BIM tools.

    Tekla Campus is one of the Tekla Online services.

    student license.

To use your online licenses, log in with your Trimble Identityuser account to sign in to both Trimble and Tekla products and online services

For a Tekla Structures user, Trimble Identity is a single sign-on account which enables the user’s online identity management. Trimble Identity is needed, for example, for Tekla Warehouse, Tekla User Assistance, and Tekla Campus.

. The Tekla Online administratorTekla Online user who has the rights to use the Tekla Online Admin tool

The Tekla Online administrator manages the access of the organization’s users to Tekla Online services and licenses. An organization can have more than one Tekla Online administrator.

at your organization is responsible for assigning any commercial licenses to you. The free student license is generated at the Tekla Campus site.

Choose on-premises licensing if you have old licenses or if you know your new licenses have been issued as on-premises licenses. Before March 2021, most Tekla Structures licenses were issued as subscription-based or perpetual on-premises licenses. Tekla Structures on-demand licenses are also on-premises licenses. To use on-premises licensing, you or the Tekla Structures administrator in your organization must install the license server on a server computer in your network (so that it can be used by many users) or on the same computer as Tekla Structures (if you do not need to share the license). If you have not 1) installed the license server and 2) activated your license, do so now.

  • If you installed Tekla Structures and the license server on the same computer, the system automatically uses the license server on the computer when you start Tekla Structures.
  • If you installed Tekla Structures and the license server on separate computers, you must enter the address of the computer on which you installed the license server. See Connect Tekla Structures to the license server.


If Tekla Structures starts with the wrong licensing option, click Change license server at the bottom of the startup dialog on which you select the Environment, Configuration etc. This opens the dialog shown in the picture above. After changing the selection, note that you must press OK to actually save the change and switch to the other licensing option.

If you have on-premises or on-demand licenses, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest available license server version when you upgrade Tekla Structures. Each license server version is typically compatible with several Tekla Structures versions, but if you do not upgrade the license server, it will eventually stop working with newer Tekla Structures versions.

license server address
online license

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