US Rebar Tutorials

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US Rebar Tutorials

In this training you will learn how to use many of the reinforcement techniques available in Tekla Structures. The model you will need for this training can be downloaded below. This is a completed concrete model and you will be adding reinforcement throughout these tutorials.

This training is to be considered an intermediate level training. If you are not familiar with the basic concrete modeling processes and tools, you will need to get up to speed on these. You can accomplish this by going through our Concrete Fundamentals course, Tekla User Assistance tutorials, or through your company's internal Tekla Structures training before proceeding.

Download the model for training from this link: Training model

Modeling for Rebar Detialing Tutorials

Click the links below to follow the steps. Use this page as your main page as a guide through the tutorials and follow the lessons in order.

  1. Lesson one

  2. Lesson two

  3. Lesson three

  4. Lesson four

  5. Lesson five 

us rebar tutorials

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