Updating settings

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Updating settings

As you know, you can "cut and paste" all personal settings (saved by default in the model folderfolder that is used for storing files associated with a model

Tekla Structures stores all files associated with a model in a folder it creates with the same name as the model database (.db1).

In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder.

) from the model folder to the folder ts.

Because of this, your personal settings are only located in the folder ts and they are available in all models after restarting Tekla Structures. This goes for all files except the file dim_planes_table.txt.
So make sure that you have pointed the advanced option XS_PROJECT to your ts folder.

During the installation of a new Tekla Structures-version, all folders except the folder ts are updated by Construsoft. This means that you always have the most uptodate files per version in these folders.

Our advice is not to modify these by Construsoft updated folders (such as the folders profil and system) but only in the folder ts.

You can check the date of the files to find out if these files were supplied by Construsoft or if the files were creates or modified by yourself. Construsoft always uses a specific date and time for the supplied files!

Version Date Version Date
8.1 3-2-2003 14.1 14-10-2008
8.3 6-8-2003 15.0 2-3-2009
9.1 30-12-2003 16.0 23-3-2010
10.0 30-3-2004 16.1 6-1-2010
10.1 31-8-2004 17.0 10-2-2011
10.2 3-11-2004 18.0 6-3-2012
11.0 26-5-2005 18.1 10-9-2013
11.1 26-9-2005 19.0 12-3-2013
11.2 20-12-2005 19.1 10-9-2013
11.3 12-5-2006 20.0 7-3-2014
12.0 31-8-2006 20.1 10-9-2014
12.1 19-2-2007 21.0 10-3-2015
13.0 10-4-2007 21.1 11-9-2015
13.1 3-12-2007 2016 10-3-2016
14.0 25-4-2008    

So files which have been supplied by Construsoft in previous versions and who were copied to the folder ts can be deleted.

You must check and update the other files in the folder ts by yourself for the new version, because settings can differ per version, e.g. when new fields or User Defined Attributes are added!





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