Testing connection between client and server computer

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Testing connection between client and server computer

How can I test whether a client computer can connect to a server computer?


The following steps have been tested on Windows 10. 

1. Start PowerShell on the client computer.


2. If you do not know the IPv4 address of the server computer, you can request it by typing ping -4 [SERVER_NAME].
You should replace [SERVER_NAME] with the actual name of the server.

3. Test the connection by utilizing the port numbers defined in the tekla.lic file:

  • Test-NetConnection -ComputerName IPv4_SERVER -Port 27007
  • Test-NetConnection -ComputerName IPv4_SERVER -Port 1234

You should replace [IPv4_SERVER] with the IPv4 address, and 27007 & 1234 with respective port numbers. See this article on how to define the ports.


If the connection works, the command returns TcpTestSucceeded : True for both of the ports. If either port returns False, your IT department should investigate the connection.


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