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Tekla Structures User Feedback Program

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Last updated September 20, 2019 by Tekla Global Support tekla.structures.ghd@trimble.com

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Tekla Structures User Feedback Program

  • Do you have great ideas on how Structural BIM software could change the industry?

  • Do you want to test-drive software functionality and solutions inspired by industry leading customer needs, and offer your view on how this may also work within your business?

Shortly about User Feedback Program (UFP)

  • UFP is a program during which the latest implementations and features in the software are presented to testers who have signed up and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  
  • Testing is done using Tekla Structures Test Packages and Test Cases.
  • This is a chance to be among the first ones who can test and provide early feedback on our latest developments in the software.

Who can participate in the UFP?

All users who want to participate need to:
  • Have the willingness to test the features and provide feedback about them

  • Enroll using the web survey, and agree with the terms and conditions

  • Sign the NDA (included in the web survey)

  • Have a validated Trimble Identity account

  • Belong to a company that has a valid maintenance agreement for Tekla Structures for the current year

How to sign up for the UFP?

  • Fill in this form and leave your contact information so that we can get in touch with you when the recruitment process for the next UFP starts.

  • OR send us an email to tekla.structures.ufp@trimble.com and express your willingness to participate in the upcoming UFP.

    How is the testing organized?

    1. All users who have informed us that they would like to participate in the UFP are invited to enroll for the upcoming UFP - the recruitment process.
    2. Users need to enroll for the current edition of the UFP, for example, UFP2017/1.
    3. After the recruitment process has ended, all the enrolled testers are double-checked with Trimble Solutions Area and/or Reseller offices. For example, the maintenance status of the company that tester belongs to is verified.
    4. All the verified testers receive the following:
      a) Access rights to download their copy of Tekla Structures Test Package and a License entitlement to activate this Test Package OR access rights to a virtual computer with set up Tekla Structures Test Package ready for testing.
      b) Test Cases with detailed instructions on how to test each specific feature
      c) Access rights to a dedicated UFP forum where the testers can discuss the features with each other and directly with the developers

    How the communication and feedback between testers and Trimble Solutions is handled?

    The main communication channels are:
    • Email - tekla.structures.ufp@trimble.com can be used for all kind of communication between testers and UFP manager. Primarily used to discuss some general issues about the UFP process.

    • UFP forum - main platform for the testers to discuss the features, ask questions from other UFP testers, and have a direct discussion with the developers of the features.

    • Feedback forms - each of the Test Cases contains a link to a corresponding feedback form which the testers should submit. The results and feedback from the feedback forms allows us to evaluate the feature.

    Friendly competition

    1. All UFP testers can participate in a friendly competition.
    2. UFP testers collect points for:
      a) Reporting bugs or crashes
      b) Reporting incorrect functionalities
      c) Suggesting feature requests
      d) Submitting feedback about the tested features
    3. The most active testers are awarded with some appreciation gifts from Trimble.
    4. Testers who have been actively providing feedback receive a recognition in the public Tekla Forum - an "Active UFP tester" badge.

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