Tekla Structures Performance Issues

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Last updated June 30, 2020 by Trimble Solutions ME tekla.support.me@trimble.com

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Tekla Structures Performance Issues

In this support article we have compiled a list of common ways to improve the performance of Tekla Structures.

If you experience performance issues with Tekla Structures, you can go through them one by one and test these tips.

  1. The recent versions of Tekla Structures have much more features than older versions. Check if your device meets Tekla Structures hardware recommendations.
  2. Install the latest service pack of the Tekla Structures version you are using from Tekla Downloads page along with the required environments. 
  3. On the File menu, go to Settings and clear the check box for Direct X rendering. You can look at the example image below for guidance.


  1. Graphic card issues might affect the performance of Tekla Structures. Please note that Windows updates can affect the graphic cards. Graphic card drivers can also become outdated. If you are experiencing problems, visit the graphic card manufacturer's website and install the latest driver. What is more, downgrading the graphic card driver version might help in some cases.
  2. Use the Autosave option to automatically backup your work at set intervals. On the File menu, Click Settings > Options > General settings > Autosave, to set the autosave interval.

  1. Define the size of the solid object buffer in Tekla Structures because it can improve the performance. Go to File > Settings > Advanced options XS_SOLID_BUFFER_SIZE. Below are recommendations for the solid buffer size based on the amount of RAM your system has:


  1. Set the XS_COLLECT_MODEL_HISTORY to FALSE. This will stop the collection of model history automatically.
  2. Change the current Windows Theme. Avoid using Basic and High Contrast Theme if your have noticed performance issues with Tekla Structures. 
  3. You can also try removing reference models if there are issues with the views.
  4. Check the following links for more options: General tips for faster model performance    Speeding up the multi user modeling and saving    Tips for large models     Optimizing performance when working with pours 
Tekla Structures is slow
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