Tekla Structures 2016 Netherlands ENU

Software version: 2016

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Tekla Structures 2016 Netherlands ENU

Installation manual

Click here for the Construsoft Installation manual Tekla Structures 2016.


Tekla Structures 2016 installation consists of the following:

  1. Tekla Structures 2016 (64-bits version)
  2. Service Pack
  3. Construsoft developments (system components, tools, plugins)
  4. Additional environments (different from the environment Netherlands, this one is included in the Construsoft developments)

Other manuals

Click here for the Construsoft Release Info. (Includes a lot of practical information and explanations about many subjects and the Construsoft developments).

Click here for the Tekla Release Notes.


Tekla Structures 2016 requires a new license.
Previous on FlexNet based Tekla Structures versions (from version 12.0 to 21.1) also run on the Tekla Structures 2016 license.
A new entitlement can be requested via administratie@construsoft.com

NOTE: Requesting a new entitlement can take several days.
NOTE: Always back up your license(s) after activating. Click here for the step plan and here for an instruction video.

FlexNet installation for Tekla Structures (from version 12.x to 2016)

When you use an older FlexNet-version, we suggest upgrading to the latest version by installing the newest version over the current version. You can also check the Hardware recommendations to find out whether your operating system is supported or not.

Click here for detailed information about installing FlexNet, activating your license(s), borrowing licenses and solving possible issues.

Click here for the Tekla Structures 2016 License server.
(There is no need to install this version to be able to start Tekla Structures 2016. You can still use your current License server version).

Click here for the License Borrow Tool for borrowing licenses. This tool is not installed by default but must be downloaded and installed separate.


  • Windows Server 2003 is NOT supported anymore.
  • NEVER click Cancel during activating or deactivating, due to this the licenses might get lost and Tekla Structures will run anymore. Activating/deactivating can sometimes take up to 10 minutes.
  • Always deactivate the license(s) before performing work on the computer (formatting, replacing hardware).
  • Licenses that are lost through negligence, cannot simply be replaced without charge.


installation Tekla Structures 2016

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