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Numbering prefix & start number (Example)

Question: Is there any suggestion or example to set numbering start numbers and prefix? Answer: Yes, you can refer the below table for your reference You can find the attached excel here
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • Numbering prefix
  • start number
  • assembly prefix
  • part prefix
  • assembly start number
  • Part start number

Twin profile

Question: Is there any option to model the twin profiles along with the stitch plate? Answer: Yes, you can download any of the below tool from Tekla warehouse to achieve your requirement. Built-up Members or Built-up sections or Built-up Custom Parts
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • Twin
  • Twin profile
  • stitch plate
  • Batten plate
  • Editable twin profile

Could not create model by using Model template

Question: Could not create model by using Model template,What is the meaning of this warning message? Answer: There may be 2 reasons to get this warning 1) As this warning shows, you might be used a model template which created in latest version (Ex.TS2019) & copy to the old model template folder (Ex. TS2018). Or 2) You might be refereeing the latest version model template folder (Ex.TS2019) through the advanced option XS_MODEL_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY from the old Tekla version (Ex.TS2018)  
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • model directory
  • model
  • creating model
  • The model (or library) has been created with a newer version of Tekla Structures
  • Unable to open model with this version
  • Could not create model

Report when opening model

Question: I am getting one report file whenever I open one of my model. Why this report appears & how to stop the same? Answer: It is a notification report, which you can control by changing the option “FALSE” in the advanced option XS_SHOW_NOTIFICATION_REPORT. Set to TRUE to run and display a notification report from the whole model when you open a model if you want.
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • Notification report
  • reports
  • opening model

Import and export Phase manager

Question: Is there any option to import & export Phase manager? Answer: There is no attribute option as you may know to export and import Phase manager. But we have few extensions which are available in Tekla warehouse to achieve your requirement.  You can use the extension  PHASE CREATOR or PHASES EXPORT IMPORT to export & import Phase manager from Tekla warehouse. You can find the more details from the same Tekla warehouse page like in which Tekla versions these tools works.  
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • phase
  • Phase Manager
  • import phase manager
  • Export phase manager
  • Import and export

Msf file extension

Question: What is “msf” file name extension? (Ex. standard.msf) Answer: It is a file name extension which used for selection filters in older Tekla versions
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by Trimble Solutions India
  • msf
  • selection filter
  • filter
  • filters
  • file extensions

Exporting IFC with custom colors

Question: I need to export model objects to an IFC file, but the items must be in a specific color (for example, 80-40-40, RGB). How can I do this? Answer: You can only change the color of an IFC export by changing the color of the parts in the Tekla model. The best thing to do is to create a separate Representation for your particular IFC export. Here are the steps: 1. From the View Properties, access the Object Representation dialog while the representation is set to standard.  2. In the Object Representation dialog, click Object group... 3. Next, in the Object Group - Representation
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by Maria
  • object representation
  • IFC Export color
  • Export FC with different colors
  • View representation

PDF inaccuracies from CAD files

This article attempts to help explain how accurately produced CAD drawing files are critical in order for printed PDFs to be used in 3D modeling platforms as overlay references. Many times, firms will insert a 2D CAD file into a 3D model space in order to properly lay out the basic grid and shape of a structure. This "overlay" needs to be accurately created and inported for this to be beneficial. There are several considerations to be made before deciding to go down this path of 2D information collaboration: Drawing accuracy: Was the original CAD file produced accurately and not just created
by Tekla Support US
  • insert PDF
  • raster
  • vector

Maximum length of user-defined attribute (UDA)

Question: What is the maximum length of user-defined attribute of type string? Answer: Maximum length for user-defined attribute name is 19 characters and for value 79 characters when defined in objects.inp.  It is possible to have longer value with dynamic strings, but they need to be defined with open API. Check discussion forum for more information:UDA string limitDynamicProperties vs UserProperties - differencies  
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by Tekla Global Support

How to disable pop-up messages about the license expires

Tekla Structures displays the license expiring pop-up messages for:one month; two weeks; seven days and all subsequent days until the license expires.   There are registry values for disabling messages for one month and two weeks:OneMonthWarningShown TwoWeekWarningShown  When they are set to 1, messages are not displayed. By default, these values are set to 0.These settings apply to all versions of Tekla Structures. They can be found in the registry using this path:for Tekla Structures version 21.1 and older: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tekla\Licensing for Tekla Structures version 2016 and
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by Tekla Global Support
  • expiring licenses
  • windows registry
  • registry

Slow drawing performance with Windows 10 update

We have got customer cases about slow drawing performance, where the slowness looks to be related to certain Windows 10 update.  This has been noticed especially when moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and/or when installing Windows 10  update 1809. Customers have mentioned for example zooming and panning to be slow in drawings. Also drawing opening speed has been mentioned to be slower than for example in Windows 7. The issue does not look to be Tekla Structures version specific, but customers have reported this from many different Tekla Structures versions, like 21.0, 21.1, 2016i, 2019.
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by Tekla Global Support

Show unit costs as model label

Question: Can I add a label within my model that shows the cost of certain parts, such as hollow core for example? Answer: Yes you can, using the Design-to-cost tool available on Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures contentIn Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla Online services..  You can also compare costs should you want to find the most economical solution for your project; for example does
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by Trimble Solutions UK
  • cost label
  • Design to cost
  • price

Failed to write out model changes. Reason: No connection to service.

Question: We have got some cases where customers have a message like "Sharing operation failed. Service could not be reached - realm or server address could be wrong" when opening the shared models or a error message like "Failed to write out model changes. Reason: No connection to service. Check that you have internet connection."  when using Tekla Model Sharing: If you check the log file, error might be something like this:2019-06-12 18:10:50 UTC: [ERROR] TS Facade: Connect (cloud) returned error: Connect failed in phase1: OperationFailed (1) FileNotFoundException: Could not load
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by Tekla Global Support
  • Sharing operation failed
  • Service could not be reached
  • realm or server address could be wrong
  • No connection to service
  • Failed to write out model changes

Template Logo (Image) from Firm folder

Question: Why does the logo that I added to my template from a Firm folder (or any other non-system folder) show up on the Template editor but not on drawings? Answer: The symbols, pictures directory locations in the Template editor do not share the same information as template directories inside Tekla Structures' Advanced options. Therefore, after adding your own directory to the Template Editor's Options>Preferences>File Locations as indicated in step four (4) of the article Add images in a template, the same folder location must also be added to the DXK_​SYMBOLPATH. These are the
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by Tekla Support US
  • Logo not showing
  • template logo firm folder
  • firm folder logo
  • bitmaps firm folder
  • tekla logo firm folder
  • TTSD-29814

Hotfix for Tekla Structures for the problem with the slow startup

This hotfix is for customers who experience slow Tekla Structures startup due to other software they are using.We have found that some anti-virus software causing a delay in the initial connection between Tekla Structures and Tekla License Server. This fix can be applied to all Tekla Structures versions. It updates the FlexNet License Service on the computer on which Tekla Structures is installed (not the server where the License server is installed). If this hotfix is installed, Tekla Structures can be used only with License Administration Tool 2019 SP1 and newer or with License Borrow Tool
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Tekla Global Support
  • install TS License Server
  • licence server
  • Tekla Structures is slow
  • start

Change in Trimble Connector identity handling requires updating to the latest service pack

Trimble Connect(1) application for information sharing and collaboration for construction projects that is based on the Trimble Connect platform(1) Reference models are used in Trimble Connect application instead of using import and export.(1) Trimble Connect application includes web, desktop and mobile clients, and the Sync tool, for example.(2) Trimble’s platform for microservices in the cloud (2) Trimble Connect platform’s microservices include services for uploading, storing, processing, and managing or consuming data. These services are meant to provide common solutions required by
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Tekla Global Support

Define new Surface Object subtypes

Question:  Where does the “Add Surface To Face” command get its finish types from?  Is there another file like product_finishes.dat used to Define new surface treatment subtypes so that we can add our company's standard finishes? Answer: The Add Surface to Face option uses Surface objects (or simply Surfaces). You can add new options to the Subtype list in the Surface properties by editing the product_finishes.dat file located in :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\usimp\system for versions before 2019, and in :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\USA\common\General\
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by Maria
  • surface
  • add surface to face

Timber NC-operations - Background & general modelling aspects

Construsoft developed and implemented several Timber NC-export tools in Tekla Structures.Each of these export tools is dedicated to a specific Timber NC-file format, each with their own scope and definition. The scope of some of the formats is such that Tekla can unambiguously determine the operation from the geometric information. These are categorized as basic formats. There are however also formats for which, for volumetric operations, it is not possible to unambiguously determine which operation is meant. In those cases the user needs to provide additional non-geometrical information in
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by Construsoft NL
  • Timber
  • BTL
  • Hundegger
  • GT
  • HM
  • randek
  • tigerstop

Export 2D drawings to DWG/DXF with Imperial units

Question: How do I modify the Export drawings to DWG/DXF so that it exports with imperial units? I've exported the file just using the standard settings, and when I try to view it in AutoCAD, it starts measuring in Metric. Answer: The Export drawings to DWG/DXF does not have export unit options. All exports are true to dimension if using a 1:1 scale factor as instructed in this article, and they are converted to accurate imperial-to-metric measurements. However, AutoCAD does not automatically have an imperial set up with a default layout so you would have to change the Units there as shown
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by Tekla Support US
  • Export DWG Imperial
  • DWG/DXF Imperial
  • DWG/DXF Export
  • Imperial Export
  • 2D Export
  • TrueView units
  • TTSD-15289

Performance issues when working with complex items

Question: I am experiencing performance issues when working with complex items. Is there anything I can do? Answer: Performance of items is directly related to the complexity of the shapes the items use. The main driving factor to increase complexity is a high number of faces a shape has. Items with high complexity can affect performance in many ways: opening of models, zooming and panning, inserting, copying and moving items, snapping to item geometries, item previews, creation and opening of drawings, interaction inside the drawings, etc. In recent Tekla Structures versions there have been
Requires Tekla Maintenance
by Carlos Vasquez
  • performance
  • items
  • shapes
  • Formwork