Show linked DWG in shared model with different Firm folders

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Last updated February 19, 2021 by Trimble Solutions India

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Show linked DWG in shared model with different Firm folders


How to show the linked DWG file automatically on shared model when offices that are in different location using two different firm folder.


Consider there are two user (A&B) working on shared model from different location and having different firm folder path .User (A) can link the DWG file from the Firm folder which in his local machine .

After linking the drawing, change the file name syntax as " .\Drawing name " instead of  "C:\xxxx\yyyy\Drawing name " and modify the DWG path as shown below. 

Once the modification are done as mentioned above ,user(A) can "Write out" the changes . When user(B) perform the "Read in" , the linked drawings will be automatically read from the User B firm folder which is in different location. 


Linked DWG
Linked drawings
Different firm folder
Shared model

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