Rebar in beam (90) and Rebar in beam LT (91)

Software version: 2016

Last updated January 16, 2019 by Construsoft NL


Rebar in beam (90) and Rebar in beam LT (91)

System componentcomponent that is included in a Tekla Structures configuration and whose component objects and composition the user can modify within the limits of the component properties

Rebar in beam (90) and Rebar in beam LT (91) includes several improvements.
It is now possible to position the stirrups next to each other:

The setting Yes, as one group in the list box Consider openings now works correct in case several stirrups in the list box (1) are used:

Tab Stirrup spacing now includes a new option Border Rebar for positioning the stirrups:



Rebar in beam (90)
Rebar in beam LT (91)

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