Objects outside the work area: Show or hide "Do not show this message again"

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Objects outside the work area: Show or hide "Do not show this message again"

Question: In the past, I received an Objects outside the work area warning and checked the Do not show this message again box. Now, I would like to see the associated warning message or window back to manually control the expansion of my work area. How can I make it reappear? 

Answer: Whenever Tekla Structures displays warning messages in general that offer you the option to hide future warnings of the same type, your options are:

  • As you've already noticed, you can hide future warnings by selecting Do not show this message again check box.
  • Warnings can be re-displayed by holding down the Shift key while running a command that should normally induce a warning message. For example, if you deliberately copy or move objects outside the work area (while holding Shift), the associated warning message will reappear. 

Note that the advanced option XS_​CHANGE_​WORKAREA_​WHEN_​MODIFYING_​VIEW_​DEPTH does not have a correlation to this warning message. 

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