Object browser has encountered fatal error and must be closed

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Last updated July 9, 2020 by Area Finland Service tekla.support.fi@trimble.com

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Object browser has encountered fatal error and must be closed

Problem: When you try to open the Organizer the following error message regarding Object Browser is shown in stead. System.ArgumentException: Byte array for GUID must be exactly 16 bytes long.

Cause: There are many types of fatal errors the Object Browser can encounter with different details. The System.ArgumentException can occur for example when you have a model on a network drive and the connection is broken during writing. The ProjOrg0000xx.db file is then corrupted.

Resolution: Take a backup of the ProjOrg0000xx.db into use.

The backup file is saved to the same folder where Organizer database is, which is the <model>\ProjectOrganizer folder. The backup has the old database name with .bak -extension.

You need to take the backup  into use manually by deleting the ProjOrg0000xx.db file and changing the extension of backup file from .bak to .db.

You need to close and re-open the organizer to download the .db file. In order to prevent errors like this from happening ensure that your local network functions properly.

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