My Model Grid is Red: Model in Work plane mode

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Added March 20, 2021 by Maria

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My Model Grid is Red: Model in Work plane mode

It is possible for the color of your grid to change even if you have not made modifications to the color from the Grid properties:

This could cause your model elevation and/or section views to have an unusual setup


This change happens after changing the plane switch from View to Work plane at the Select-snap-plane toolbar at the bottom right of your screen as seen on #12 of Getting familiar with the user interface. Many times users change it without noticing it.

To resolve, simply change the option from Work plane back to View plane.

Keep in mind that the color of the grid may not always be red, as someone else in your company could have changed the advanced option XS_​GRID_​COLOR_​FOR_​WORK_​PLANE. However, the (model) views will still not adhere to traditional elevation or section settings as shown in the images above. 

To further understand the Work plane option visit Shift the work plane

red grid
strange plan view
wok plane view
snap switches
select snap plane
My Model Grid is Red: Model in Work plane mode

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