Model sharing on-premises not working after installing new SP

Software version: 2020 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Tekla Global Support

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Model sharing on-premises not working after installing new SP

We use Tekla Model Sharing on-premises server. When installing the newest service pack of Tekla Structures,  users could no longer connect to the on-premises server. After deinstalling newesr SP and reinstalling old one, it worked fine again. 


If you are Tekla Model Sharing on-premises server user, note that the newest Tekla Structures service packs are not compatible with on-premises server versions older than version 3.13.9. To continue using Tekla Model Sharing, you need to update the Tekla Model Sharing on-premises server to version 3.13.9. This applies to these service packs and newer ones:
  • Tekla Structures 2019i SP7
  • Tekla Structures 2020 SP 3

We strongly recommend you to update your server immediately or as soon as possible.
Tekla Model Sharing on-premises server version 3.13.9 is downward compatible. All previous Tekla Structures versions in which Tekla Model Sharing is available, starting from Tekla Structures 21.0, work with this server version.

Note: If you get 403 error with the link above, it means that you need a special permission to be able to download the on-premises server.  You need to have:

  • Ordered a Model Sharing on-premises server license from Trimble
  • Received a confirmation that Trimble has enabled the installer to download to the named person that has a valid Tekla Identity.

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