Model Sharing error 'Operation failed. The model was reopened'

Software version: 2018 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Tekla Global Support

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Model Sharing error 'Operation failed. The model was reopened'

Scenario: Model Sharing user is trying to Read in but get an error message 'Operation failed. The model was reopened' after he deleted db files from model folder. The missing files are 

  • environment.db
  • options_model.db
  • options_drawings.db

How to identify that db files are missing: 
Modelsharing.log file contains these lines
[2016-11-23T00:20:58Z] Baseline mismatch error (Environment@1).
[2016-11-23T00:20:58Z] Baseline mismatch error (EnvModelOptions@1).
[2016-11-23T00:20:58Z] Baseline mismatch error (EnvDrawingOptions@1).

Check that the listed files are missing from the model folder. If they exist, rename them, e.g. fail_environment.db

In order to get the missing db files back, the user needs to get the files from the previous version (packet) in shared model.
For example, if the Read in fails with packet 171, the correct db files can be retrieved from previous version (packet 170). To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Leave the failing model as is
  2. Join the shared model and save it to another location (or do this in an other computer)
  3. Select to join in packet 170
  4. Save this model to new location
  5. Copy missing db files and paste them to your failing model folder
  6. Open the original model and Read in
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