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Missing Components


Every once in awhile I am in a model that is shared or was started by someone else and a lot of the components that I had in a previous model are not available. How do I resolve this? 


That is often due to Custom components not being present in the model. To check, find out if the Custom components group is available in Applications and components:

The absence of Custom components in a model happens mostly at the moment of model creation. It is not related to the installation of the software unless the Environments have not been installed on one machine and therefore were not used before creating a model. There are several reasons why this may occur, and some times the causes are unique to each case but among the causes are:

1. The model was started with a blank project (without using an Environment):

2. The model was created without using a Model template (blank template):

3. The custom model template with which the model was started was not created with Custom components included. In that case, the custom Model template will have to be overwritten or modified as shown in the linked article under "Modify an existing model template."

4. The ComponentCatalog.xml inside the Model folder has been corrupted, or not every user in a shared model is using the same (if at all) Firm folder and in one of those folders, there is a corrupt ComponentCatalog.xml. The solution, in this case, is simple as you can copy a ComponentCatalog.xml from a model where it works, and replace the faulty one (while Tekla is closed). 

You can check how the model was created by opening the TeklaStructuresModel.xml inside the Model folder in a word editor:

Unfortunately, if a model has been created without Custom components it cannot be undone unless a new model is created using the correct Environment and Model template. The Copy Special from another model function will let you place the structure from one model into a new one, but it will only allow you to copy the 3D model. Not drawings. 

Otherwise, all missing Custom components must be manually imported. The path for custom components in 2019 and newer is :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\USA\Imperial\General\CustomComponents and for other versions it is :\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\usimp\custom_components

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