Improvements to the Document manager

Software version: 2019i

Last updated June 23, 2020 by Trimble Solutions UK

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Improvements to the Document manager

I'm new to the Document managertool that is used for listing and managing drawings and other types of documents

With the document manager the user can, for example, reorganize, update, freeze, lock, and delete drawings.

The user can also organize file documents, such as PDF, NC, and DWG files, and drawings, in document categories, and search documents and open drawings.

Document manager is replacing drawing list from the version 2018i onwards.

, do you have a quick overview of how it works?

With the Document manager you can list and manage your drawings and other types of documents efficiently. Read the instructions on how to use the Document manager. For an update on recent improvements, please watch the video below.



Watch as we demonstrate the following improvements to the Document manager:

  • Drawing version history
  • New indicator for cells that cannot be edited
  • New button Show all documents
  • Invert document visibility/Reset document visibility
  • New category association options  



drawing version history
edit switch
search string
show all documents
Invert document visibility
create new category
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