How To Create a Trimble Connect Project

Software version: 2018 - 2016

Last updated March 11, 2019 by Tekla Support US

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How To Create a Trimble Connect Project

How To Create a Trimble Connect Project

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Sign In

Step 3: Click on Create new Trimble ID

Please Note:If you already have a Trimble ID from the Tekla Online Services (i.e. tekla user assistance, warehouse, forum, etc) you can use that login and you do not need to create an additional ID. You can skip to Step 6.

Step 4: Create your account

Step 5: Click on link within your email to activate your account

Step 6: Sign in to

For information on getting your Trimble Identity joined to your company organization please see here This is required to download some extensions needed to work with Trimble Connect. 

For troubleshooting sign in issues please see here 

Step 7: Complete your Profile

Step 8: Click on New Project

Step 9: Name your Project (only need to fill out name)

Step 10: Click on Add to Upload your Files

Please note these instructions are for Trimble Connect Web, to use Trimble Connect Desktop or Trimble Connect Mobile click here

Steps 10 & 11 are for manual file uploads. To upload from within Tekla you would use the Trimble Connector, see instructions here. Using this method you can export models such as reference models or your actual Tekla project directly from Tekla using the Trimble Connector. 

Step 11: Upload all of your Files

Using the Upload Files button you can add any file, such as PDFs, excel, etc... If you want to upload a Tekla a model from Tekla Structures you will want to export an IFC from Tekla which will then be used to upload into Trimble Connect. See here for instructions on how to export an IFC.

Step 12: Click on Team and then Invite

Step 13: Invite Users and Assign Roles

For additional tools to use with Trimble Connect See below

Workflow tools for Tekla Structures

Workflow tools for Trimble Connect Desktop

Linking Documents to Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect Apps

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by Dave Mahaffy

The links for the first 3 topics don't work under the header: "For additional tools to use with Trimble Connect See below"... the path is incorrect.

by Tekla Support US

I tried all three links on my side and they worked. What browser are you using? I have noticed that Edge has not been working correctly lately with Warehouse items.

by Dave Mahaffy

Internet Explorer 11

by Tekla Support US

That is likely the issue, if i put this link in IE 11 and click on one of the links it does not work. Just goes to a blank page. I would suggest using Google Chrome for now and i will let the online team know there are some issues with IE and warehouse.