How to check the graphics card used for Tekla Structures

Software version: 2020 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Tekla User Assistance

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How to check the graphics card used for Tekla Structures

If your computer has more than one graphics card, you should always check which card is used for Tekla Structures in Windows Task Manager app to make sure your most powerful graphics card is in use.

  1. Open a model in Tekla Structures.
  2. Open the Windows Task Manager app.
  3. If you see a More details button in the lower left corner, click it. You should see the apps in a table with details on their resource usage.

  4. Check the GPU Engine column for Tekla Structures to see the number of the GPU that is currently active, e.g., GPU 0 - 3D.
    • If the column is not visible, right-click any of the visible column headers and select the column from the list that opens.
    • If the column is blank, rotate or zoom your model in a 3D view and the information should appear.
  5. Check which graphics card corresponds to the number on Task Manager's Performance tab.

In this case, GPU 0 is an Intel integrated graphics card, which is less powerful than the dedicated Radeon card labeled as GPU 1 and therefore Tekla Structures should be running on GPU 1.

If the incorrect graphics card is used, see this support article for further instructions.

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