How to add classification code to objects in Organizer and export it to IFC

Software version: 2019i - 2021

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How to add classification code to objects in Organizer and export it to IFC

1. Introduction

This document describes the workflow how to add classification code to objects with Organizer Categories and how to export the code with the objects to an IFC file.

The IFC export writes classification information to assemblies and cast units, but not to parts.

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2. Classify the model objects in Organizer

Create the classification categories that you need in the Property category section in Organizer Categories. Add assemblies or cast units to the categories.

Property categories has circular icons.


3. Create custom property for the classification code

In Organizer Settings dialog create a custom property that corresponds to the classification system you want to use. Custom property is a UDA. Add it to objects.inp file to see it in the User Defined Attributes dialog.

Add Name, Property (no spaces) and change Property type to UDA.

4. Add the new custom property to a property template in Object Browser

Search for the new property and drag and drop it to a selected template.

Click Modify and close the Settings dialog.

5. Add the new custom property to a category

Double click the root category to open the Category property dialog of the classification system.

Add the custom property by typing its name into the Object properties section.

Click Modify to save the changes.

Now all subcategories under this root have the same custom property. The lowest subcategories will add it to the objects with the given values.

6. Set value to the custom property to add it to the objects

Open the Category Property dialog of the lowest levels of the tree.

Add the value to the custom property that you want to write to the objects in the selected category.

7. Synchronize the category tree to write to the objects

Wright click on any category under the root and select Synchronize the category to add the custom property and its values to the model objects.

8. Check the result

You can check the result in the inquire dialog of the objects or in Organizer.

9. Add the classification code to IFC export

Open Tekla Structures Project dialog from Project properties, User-defined attributes.

Add the name of the classification system that you used. It should be the same name that you have in Property field in the View Property dialog.

You can add only one classification code to the IFC export this way.

10. Export to IFC

No special settings here.

The classification code is exported with the assemblies or cast units.

11. Check the result in the exported model

IFC export

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