Duplicate drawings in the Tekla Model Sharing model

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Duplicate drawings in the Tekla Model Sharing model

I have a Tekla Model Sharing modelmodel used for collaboration over the Tekla Model Sharing service

With a shared model, each user works with their own model and the changes are shared through Tekla Model Sharing. A shared model requires the use of a single-user model. The same model cannot be a shared model and a multi-user model.

and I noticed that there are duplicate drawings from the same part. How is this possible?

This is a possible situation. Two users can make drawings from the same part when working on their local models. When both users again write out their changes, both drawings will appear to the drawing listlist of drawings that provides information about the drawings in a particular model and that is used for searching, managing, and printing the drawings

In the drawing list, the user can, for example, search, open, update, freeze, lock, and delete drawings. The drawing list can also be used to display the associations between the drawings and the parts in the model.

Drawing list is used in Tekla Structures until version 2018. See document manager.

. Tekla Structures does not delete one of the drawings and does not merge the changes from both drawings. You just need to visually check the drawings and decide which one to delete. Because of this it is important to coordinate the design work, so decide who creates the drawings.

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