Creating complete 360 degree sweep objects (Cast units) using profile as a cross-section

Software version: 21.0 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Trimble Solutions India

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Creating complete 360 degree sweep objects (Cast units) using profile as a cross-section

Step 1 : - Create a construction circleconstruction object that represents a circle

using draw construction circle command. Choose radius of circle as required. (This circle may be inner circle or outer circle for our required profile)

Step 2 : Now we are going to create a polybeampart of a certain shape that is created as a continuous chain of beams passing through points that the user picks

The segments of the polybeam are straight, but segment intersections can be curved. For example, a beam that follows a zigzag line is a polybeam.

using polybeam command and we are going to pick 3 points as marked below for creating polybeam. So that it covers 90 degrees.
First point is on intersection of horizontal gridmodeling aid that represents a three-dimensional complex of intersecting grid planes or intersecting grid planes and curved grid surfaces

The grid is defined by coordinates in 3D space. It is shown two-dimensionally on the view plane by dash-and-dot lines. A grid can be rectangular or radial.

It is possible to have more than one grid in a model. For example, a large-scale grid for the entire structure, and smaller grids for some detailed sections.

It is also possible to show grids and grid line labels in drawings, and to modify how they are shown in the drawings.

and circle, second point is any intermediate point on circle and 3rd point is on intersection of another grid and circle as shown below.
And press middle mouse button to create polybeam.

Step 3: - Now created polybeam will look like made of 2 segments as shown below, we are going to make it smooth curve using chamfer option of Tekla.

Double click intermediate point of profile as highlighted above. This will open chamfer properties for center point. And we are going to select full curve chamfer.

And click on modify. To get smooth curve.

Now you can change profile of it as required. And also position how you want it to be aligned. (Above/Below) (inside/outside) etc.


Now we can copy rotate it to create 3 copies at 90 degrees to get complete sweep.

And finally we can create a cast unit using create cast unit command by selecting all 4 parts and right click and select Cast Unit --> Create Cast Unit.

Similarly you can create 2 parts of 180 degrees or 3 parts of 120 degrees to achieve full 360 degree sweeps.

cast units

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