Could not create model by using Model template

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Last updated December 31, 2019 by Trimble Solutions India


Could not create model by using Model template

Could not create model by using Model template,What is the meaning of this warning message?

There may be 2 reasons to get this warning
1) As this warning shows, you might be used a model template which created in latest version (Ex.TS2019) & copy to the old model template folder (Ex. TS2018). Or
2) You might be refereeing the latest version model template folder (Ex.TS2019) through the advanced option XS_MODEL_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY from the old Tekla version (Ex.TS2018)


model directory
creating model
The model (or library) has been created with a newer version of Tekla Structures
Unable to open model with this version
Could not create model

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