Checking reinforcement in a model

Software version: 2017i - 2021

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Checking reinforcement in a model

Is there a quick way of checking reinforcement in a model?

Yes. The following example will take you through a quick and easy way to check the reinforcing in the model using the Organizer.


Open your Tekla Structures model, for this example we are inserting the rebars to the cast unit.

Inserting rebars to the cast unit in Tekla Structures

  1. Open Organizer, Manage > Organizer

You will be propted to sychronize Organizer with the model.

  1. Click Synchronize

If you do not already have a category for Cast Unit, create a new one.

See also: Create a property category in Organizer

  1. Use the Material – Cast in place concrete and Material – Precast concrete filters, and click Modify

Note: Make sure to Include the highest assembly level in the model

Using filters in Tekla Structures Organizer

Create subcategories based on the Name of the cast unit as follows

  1. Click the Menu button  
  2. Select Group
  3. Drag the Name column into the box to form a group

Create subcategories based on Name

  1. Right click on the Cast Unit category and select Create automated subcategories

  1. Select Grouping in Object Browser, and click Modify

  1. Select the cast unit for which you want to check the reinforcement, for example PAD-FOOTING
  2. Click on the Menu button and select Show content

This will show the objects in the cast units or pours that are currently listed in Object Browser.

You should be able to check the name, size, grade and mark for each rebar within each cast unit. You can also select the rebars within each cast unit and run a clash check to make sure that your model is clash free.

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