Check Dimension point validity

Software version: 2019 - 2021

Last updated February 5, 2021 by Trimble Solutions India

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Check Dimension point validity

The option “Check dimension Point Validity” is not available in the Tekla version 2018.
Please advise how to activate this command.

We have enhanced the command Associativity symbol in TS 17.0 & later,
At that same time, the commands Check Dimension point validity & 
Remove Dimension point invalidity Symbol removed from TS version 18.0,
both commands are no longer available.

Check Dimension point validity not showing the associativity symbol for the
newly creating dimensions if you did not click the same every time.
In the new Associativity symbol (Shift+A), the ghost symbols are shown in real time
even though for the new dimension created which are not associated with the objects,
so you can easily identify the invalid dimensions & can correct them immediately.

You need to use the Associativity symbols (Shift+A) to check the invalid dimension point.

Check dimension Point Validity
Remove Dimension point invalidity Symbol
Associativity symbol
Associativity symbols
Shift A

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