Can Tekla output bolts in 1/2 inch increments?

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Can Tekla output bolts in 1/2 inch increments?


Our bolt supplier only buys bolts in half inch increments, such as 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", etc... Tekla outputs bolts in quarter inch increments, how can we only output bolts in lengths that our bolt supplier can buy?


You need to update your bolt catalog to only include the bolt sizes that your supplier can purchase.

To do this, go to File > Catalogs > Bolt Catalog. This will open the Bolt Catalog Dialog. Here you can filter by the bolts that you want to see to make it easier to delete those bolts you do not need. In the example image below, the 1"1/2 diameter A325 TC bolts are filtered.

Next, you can highlight the bolts you do not need and click delete.

When you close the bolt catalog you will be asked to save, and the saved files are created in the Tekla Structures model folder in a subfodler called "Screwdb".
This file is your edited bolt catalog and you can place it in your company's folder or put it in the model template of a specific fabricator if having certain bolts only applies to certain fabricators or suppliers that you use.

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