Cambering plans

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Cambering plans

In Tekla Structures you can show cambering plans for cambered profiles in drawings:


Cambering plans in drawings

In Tekla Structures model template cambering plans is available:

(This model template is located in the folder ...\TeklaStructures\<version>\Environments\ConstrusoftEuropean\Steel\ModelTemplates).
To show a cambering plan in a drawing:
1. Create a new model, based on model template cambering plans.
2. Generate an assembly drawing in which you want to show the cambering plan, use setting beam-cambered. The setting beam-cambered uses layout assembly so that the cambering plan is shown in the assembly drawing:

3. Open the drawing properties dialog box in the drawing and click the button User-defined attributes...
4. Go to the tab Cambering parameters. Select a Camber schedule (1) and enter the intended cambering sizes (2):

In this example, for the fields Cambersize1 and Cambersize2 no values have been entered, because of this in the drawing the sign "=" is entered.
The following formula is defined for the value fields in the Template Editor:

The number corresponds to the following cambering plan types:

Nr. Cambering plan type Nr. Cambering plan type
1 5
2 6
3 7
4 8

5. Click Modify.

6. Reopen the drawing, the entered values are now visible in the cambering plan:


Using cambering plans in all models

To use cambering plans in all models, copy the following files from the model template camber schedule to the folder ts:
Model folder File objects.inp
  File cambering_plans.tpl
Folder attributes File assembly.lay

Restart Tekla Structures to use the copied files.
If needed, you can add your own cambering plans of modify the existing plans.

See also
Click here for more information about the file objects.inp.


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