SOLD-552, SOLD-417, SOLD-414

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Last updated May 30, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance

SOLD-552, SOLD-417, SOLD-414

A new version of the Support tool is now introduced for reporting issues with Tekla Structures. The new Support tool uses Trimble Identityuser account to sign in to both Trimble and Tekla products and online services

For a Tekla Structures user, Trimble Identity is a single sign-on account which enables the user’s online identity management. Trimble Identity is needed, for example, for Tekla Warehouse, Tekla User Assistance, and Tekla Campus.

for log in. You can start the tool from the File menu by clicking Help > Contact Tekla support, or by entering Contact Tekla support in Quick Launchtool that is used for quickly finding commands, dialog boxes, and other functions in Tekla Structures

For example, local content in Tekla Warehouse can be found using quick launch.


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