Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses

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Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses

Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses

As an administrator, you manage your organization's user accounts and ensure that your users have access to Tekla Online.

The tool you use to manage these account settings for Tekla products is called the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

Organization administrator responsibilities

Tekla Online administrators manage the access of the organization's users to Tekla Online services and licenses. One or more people in your organization can be administrators. The first user is invited to your organization group by a Trimble representative and given administrator rights and that person is then responsible for adding other users and administrators as necessary.

As an administrator, you are responsible for:

  • Inviting employees to your organization group to allow them access to the following services:
    • Tekla Online licenses, which are licenses connected to a Trimble Identityuser account to sign in to both Trimble and Tekla products and online services

      For a Tekla Structures user, Trimble Identity is a single sign-on account which enables the user’s online identity management. Trimble Identity is needed, for example, for Tekla Warehouse, Tekla User Assistance, and Tekla Campus.

      login. Tekla services and features that use Tekla Online licenses include Tekla Model Sharingcloud service for collaboration and for storing and sharing a model

      Tekla Model Sharing is one of the Tekla Online services.

      , Tekla EPM, Trimble Connect(1) application for information sharing and collaboration for construction projects that is based on the Trimble Connect platform

      (1) Reference models are used in Trimble Connect application instead of using import and export.

      (1) Trimble Connect application includes web, desktop and mobile clients, and the Sync tool, for example.

      (2) Trimble’s platform for microservices in the cloud

      (2) Trimble Connect platform’s microservices include services for uploading, storing, processing, and managing or consuming data. These services are meant to provide common solutions required by multiple applications.

      , Tekla Structures Partner configuration, and Tekla Structures elearning courses.
    • Tekla discussion forumsite where the users can have discussions and ask questions

      Tekla Discussion Forum has a wish list for sending ideas and wishes.

      Tekla Discussion Forum is one of the Tekla Online services.

    • Part of the content in Tekla User Assistanceonline help and self-support service for Tekla Structures

      Tekla User Assistance includes instructions, support articles, and instructional videos, and it offers a possibility for feedback.

      Tekla User Assistance is one of the Tekla Online services.

      and Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

      In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

      Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla Online services.

  • Removing people from your organization group when they no longer belong to your organization.

Access to restricted services and features is granted to your organization when you buy a Tekla Online license or as part of your maintenance agreement. If your organization is not planning to use such services and features and is not covered by a maintenance agreement, you can stop reading here - it is not necessary for you to manage user accounts on the organization level.

You can add a user as an employee with full organization group membership or as an external license user to just give the user access to a license from your organization.

Access to shared models in Tekla Model Sharing is controlled separately from licenses and organization groups:
  • Joining your organization group does not give the user access to any shared models.

  • The user does not need to be in your organization group or any other organization group to access shared models as long as they have a valid license from some organization.

  • Use the Tekla Model Sharing Management Console to control access to your shared models.

Add users to your organization group

User action is required, so if your users are not familiar with Trimble Identities and the account creation process, we recommend that you inform them before you send any invitations.

Users can only be employees in one organization group at a time. If a user is already an employee in some other organization group, joining your organization group removes the user from the other organization group. You can add the user as an external license user to just give the user access to a license. Adding a user as an external license user does not change the user's employee or external license user status with any other organizations.


To improve the confidentiality of your data, Tekla Model Sharing stores the organization group of the user. Being removed from an organization group or joining a new organization group disables the user's account in Tekla Model Sharing. The user can create a new account or change the email address if the user wishes to continue using the same account.

There are alternative methods for adding the users:

  • You can invite users by adding their email addresses yourself. The users need to click a link on a confirmation email.
  • You can make a link available to your users, who can use it to request employee membership in your organization. The users must make the request and you must approve the requests.
  • On the user account page, users can search for and request to join organizations as employees. The organizations that users can see are limited based on their email address. The users must be instructed to do this and you must approve the request.
  1. Administrator: Log in to the Tekla Online Admin Tool and switch to the Employees or External license users tab.
  2. Administrator: Invite users to join or make a membership request link available to them:
    1. At the top of the table, click Invite employees or Invite users to enter the e-mail addresses and send the invitations.
      • You can enter several addresses at the same time, for example:,
      • It is not necessary for the users to have a Trimble Identity; new accounts are created based on your invitations if necessary.
      • Trimble's system sends an e-mail to the invited users. Each user must click on the e-mail link to accept the invitation within one week (if the invitation expires, a new invitation must be sent). If a new account is created for a user, the user must fill in the mandatory profile information before proceeding.
    2. To add users as employees, you can alternatively Copy a link to request invitation.
      • The link can be used by multiple people and it does not expire. You can for example email the link to multiple users or place it on your intranet.
      • By following this link, users can only request to join your organization. You must approve the requests on the Requests and Invitations tab in the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

    After an invited user has confirmed the invitation or an administrator has approved a user's request to join the organization:

    • If you added the user as an employee, the organization's maintenance status is extended to the user for access to additional content and services.
    • The user account appears on the user list and can now be given administrator privileges (employee users) or assigned a Tekla Online license (all users).

Resend an expired invitation

If the invited user does not accept the invitation within a week, the invitation link stops working. To be able to join the organization, the user must receive a new link.

  1. Log in to the Tekla Online Admin Tool and switch to the Requests and invitations tab. Invitation statuses are:
    • New: invitation is valid; the user has taken no action yet.
    • Rejected: the user rejected the invitation.
    • Expired: the user did not accept the invitation within one week.
    • When the user accepts the invitation, it is removed from this list.
  2. Find the expired invitation for the user and click Resend. A new invitation e-mail is sent to the user with a new link that is valid for one week.
    Note: The previously expired link still does not work. The user must click the new link.

Remove users from your organization


To improve the confidentiality of your data, Tekla Model Sharing stores the organization group of the user. Being removed from an organization group or joining a new organization group disables the user's account in Tekla Model Sharing. The user can create a new account or change the email address if the user wishes to continue using the same account.

  1. Log in to the Tekla Online Admin Tool and switch to the Employees tab.
  2. Click the user account you want to remove.

    Additional information and options are shown on the user's row.

  3. Click Remove from organization to remove the user from your organization group.

    The user is taken off your list, can no longer use your Tekla Online licenses and is no longer covered by your organization's maintenance.

    If the user was listed as an external license user and the account has been used with Tekla Model Sharing, the account continues to have access to your shared models in the cloud. If you wish to prevent the user from accessing your shared models, you must remove the access in Tekla Model Sharing Management Console.

About Tekla Partner configuration licenses

The Tekla Partner configuration uses a Tekla Online license. More information on the terms of this license and the Tekla Partners program is available in the Tekla Developer Center.

About Tekla Model Sharing licenses

Tekla Model Sharing uses Tekla Online licenses that are purchased as a yearly subscription. You should have one license seatcomponent object that represents a structure upon which a component secondary part rests

for each user who is currently taking part in the project. You can transfer Tekla Model Sharing licenses from one person to another (with restrictions explained further in this section), so the same license can be used by different people as the projects progress and resource needs change.

You do not need to specifically assign individual licenses for each user. Instead, you give users access to the license pool of your organization. You can give access to an unlimited number of users, so there is no need to adjust license access rights every time people move in and out of projects. You do still need to keep track of how many licenses are needed at peak usage. If you do not have enough free licence seats for all users who try to join Tekla Model Sharing at the same time, some users attempting to join see a message that all license seats are reserved.

Users can work on a shared modelmodel used for collaboration over the Tekla Model Sharing service

With a shared model, each user works with their own model and the changes are shared through Tekla Model Sharing. A shared model requires the use of a single-user model. The same model cannot be a shared model and a multi-user model.

offline without reserving a license. A license is reserved when a user launches a Tekla Model Sharing operation. If a user joins Tekla Model Sharing from several devices, the user reserves a separate license seat for each device. The license is released within three hours after the user disconnects (shuts down Tekla Structures, switches to working on a model that is not shared or is otherwise cut off from the Tekla Model Sharing service).

Note: Tekla Model Sharing is not available to users without a valid license. Keep track of the number of licenses and users as well as your license expiration date(s) to ensure continued service.

Assign user rights or licenses

If your organization has a maintenance agreement, all users in your organization group have access to content and services which require maintenance. As an administrator, you can additionally assign other users administrator rights or give users access to your organization's Tekla Online licenses.

  1. Add the users to the Employees or External license users group as explained above.
  2. Activate administrator status (employees only) or license for the user in the Tekla Online Admin Tool by selecting the checkbox on the user's row. Administrator rights allow a user to manage other users in the Tekla admin tool.
    Note: You are responsible for following the terms governing the use of each license, for example, geographic restrictions may apply and you must take this into account when assigning licenses to users.

Check Tekla Online license usage and expiry date

Tekla Online licenses are purchased and managed separately from Tekla Structures licenses.

  1. Log in to the Tekla Online Admin Tool and switch to the License details tab.
  2. Check the license details. There are two views you can cycle through by using the button above the license information table.
    • By default, you are in the License view. You can click each license to see details, such as the subscription period for your subscription licenses.
    • Click the Usage view button to switch the view and see a summary of license counts, number of assigned licenses, and the current usage.
      • Licenses are used by the specific named users that you select on the other tabs.
      • License expiration warnings are also displayed to users in Tekla Structures when the expiration date is nearing for licensed features such as Tekla Model Sharing.

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