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View Scale in Imperial

Last updated October 15, 2018 by Developer TIN Structures.developer.in@trimble.com

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View Scale in Imperial

The extension allows to show the scale factor in imperial format in view title label. This works only when the model is created with imperial environment only.

How to Locate

Installers is available in warehouse as "View Scale in Imperial".

After installation, the 'View Scale in Imperial' is available in the 'applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

and components'.



Click the icon ‘ViewScaleInImperial’ from 'Application and Component' in model. There is a option to update all drawings or selected drawings, it updates all view titles inside the drawing. If view scale is changed or drawing re-created then we need to re-run this tool again to get the updated values. This won't work with model created in metric environments and gives the message for the same.

View Scale in Imperial Dialog


This dialog box contains following properties.
• Drawing Selection Mode
• Separator
• Add Text Option
• Font
• Font height
• Font Color

Drawing Selection Mode:

All Process all drawing
Selected Only selected drawing from drawing list


= ex: 1"=1'-0"
: ex: 1":1'-0"

Add Text Option:

Update only Only update the view title label if it contains view scale property or text available as like 1":1'-0"
Add Text This adds view scale text even view scale property is not called in view title label

Fraction Scale:

This option is applicable when the value is below 1".

0 x/y" Allow '0' prefix in output and this is a default conversion
x/y" Remove '0' prefix in output


This option is handle 0" in actual scale format.

1'-0" This is default output and contains 0" as suffix
1' Only shows feet values

Text Properties:

Text properties can be controlled through the Font, Height & Color textbox / combobox.

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