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Trimble Solutions USA Macros - Modeling

Last updated September 23, 2017 by Tekla Support US tekla.support.us@trimble.com

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Trimble Solutions USA Macros - Modeling

Here is a list of the available Macros in the US environments.

Modeling Macros Visible by default in
  Automatic Splicing Tool X   X  

  Clash Check 1 - Main Parts Only

  Clash Check 2 - Main & Secondary Parts Only       X
  Clash Check 3 - All - Main & Secondary Parts + Bolts       X
  Clear Selected Control Numbers X   X  
  Close Temporary Views X X X X
  Continuous Beam Reinforcement X      
  Converge on Point X X X X
  Convert DSTV2DXF       X
  Copy Mark Number to UDA X   X  

  Create Plate From Part

  Create Plate From Surface   X    
  Create Surface View X X X X
  Create Surface View wEdge X X X X
  Delete All Clip Planes X X X X
  Design Group Numbering X X X  
  Diagnose and Repair Model X X X X
  Directory Browser X X X X
  Extend X X X X
  Extend Beams to Columns X X X X
  Extend Beams to Vertical Plane X X X X
  Extend-Adjust Elevations X X X X
  FabTrol ABM Submittal-v30       X
  FabTrol Reports-v30       X
  Flip View 180 X X X X
  Hide All Reference Models X X X X
  Inquire Elevation X X X X
  Inquire Point X X X X
  Load ShipLadder Steps       X
  Multi-Report Generator X X X X
  Open Shop Drawing X   X X
  Paint Rebar Position X   X  
  Paint Rebar Shapes X   X  
  Rebar Classification X   X  
  Rebar Split and Coupler X   X  
  Refresh Object Representation X X X X

  Show Basic Geometry of Selected Parts

  X   X
  Show Coordinate System X X X X
  Show Exact Geometry of Selected Parts   X   X
  Show Rebar Center Of Gravity X X X  
  Swap Handles X X X X
  Trace Rebar X   X  
  Update Rebar Attributes X   X  
  View Plane-Dimension X   X   X
  View Plane-Dimension Y   X   X
  View Plane-Orthogonal Dimension   X   X
  Work Plane Global X X X X


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